Give wine more beautiful with these wine accessories

Stein Werk Heinz Dissauer Wein Bar

No outfit without accessories, no wine without accessories. Wine accessories from corkscrew to shelf that make the home bar life a little (rather big) bit nicer.

Wine accessories for curious uncorkers

Open the bottle, pop the cork or twist-off cap, pour, and you’re done. Finished? Not for me. Conscious wine enjoyment is like fashion: only the right accessories lend the personal touch with its own character. A sturdy, beautiful bottle opener, matching, supportive glasses, plus a small wine rack or something similar: you really don’t have to make a doctorate out of drinking great wines and search for aromas with a magnifying glass. But with one or the other little helper, wine discovery is much more fun. Therefore, I collect in this article exciting wine accessories from small to large, which I use myself or which have uncorked on my bucket list.

Wine pocket knife

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You don’t need a degree for this master’s, but you’ll find a connection relatively quickly with it. Picnic with wine, men’s evening with a few bottles in the mountain hut – and then, horror, no corkscrew at the start – has already happened to me, but it will never happen again, because at Victorinox they want to prepare Verplan talents like me apparently for all situations, and equips the classic pocket knife especially. The extra-long corkscrew with five spiral turns prevents the cork from breaking (nice). In addition, it has a two-stage support combination for safe uncorking and bottle opening. (nice nice). Serrated and locking blade are of course also integrated, cheese or ham would like to have attention.

Victorinox Wine Master, price: 159 euros, via

Stone wine bar

Actually, this list was once intended to collect affordable wine accessories. But somehow, for me, wine always comes with a pinch of dreaming. Trying a wine from a famous French chateau, tasting live with a view of a New Zealand winery, or having my own little wine bar at home. For this gem, there would first have to be enough space – and then no limit to the budget.

Stein Werk Heinz Dissauer Wein Bar

The bar table natural stone bar “WEINSTEIN” from the hands of Heinz Dissauer and his manufacture Stein:Werk was infatuation at first sight. Even if it was immediately clear that this would remain a dream. The ensemble is handmade from a basalt stone finial with tapped ash wood trunk and offers tailor-made space for ten wine bottles. Natural stone in noble design and in perfect combination with wood, glass or stainless steel – Heinz Dissauer recognizes about the unique nature of each natural stone its future purpose. In manual work with much love and passion finally the STEIN:WERK originals develop. With the thing – each by the way a Unikat – one has something of a stone in the board. Would have. This fancy wine bar has a redemption sum of 8,200 euros. Craft is simply craft and you have to appreciate that. But there are also stone wine accessories from Heinz Dissauer, which even beginners can afford with a little saving. More about this below.

Bar table natural stone bar “WEINSTEIN”, Stein:Werk by Heinz Dissauer, price: 8.200 euros, more via

Drip catcher

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For people with this talent for involuntarily marking their territory when eating or drinking, wine accessories like this are a real mini jackpot. The drip catcher does exactly what its title promises: the red dot design award-winning metal ring with inner felt stops unwanted drops. And thus saves hectic sprints to the nearest washing machine.

Modell WINE@8 by Troika, price: around 20 euros, via

Wine rack filigree, wein-accessoires, wein, gentlemens journey

Soccer puns I save at this point times, with the shelf “Lionel” you save enough. This fits, because the 67.5 cm high piece of furniture offers everything you need and saves space besides.

Wine rack, price: around 42 euros, via


zweisel dekanter, wein-accessoires, wein, gentlemens journey, hawesko

Classico: The name screams Barcelona – Real Madrid, but the Classico decanter is probably cheaper to get than a ticket for the legendary soccer top duel. I think that’s good. The wine doesn’t want to stay in it forever. And please, no “the wine has to breathe” comments when filling. Look at it, inhale, pour, drink, have fun. Done.

Zwiesel Classico Dekanter, price: around 45 euros, via

Bell corkscrew

Classic, but robust and determined: this is how beginner uncorkers quickly get to enjoy wine.

If the cork is to say ciao, it does not always have to be fancy, but focused, with drive and relaxed ease. The dress code of this corkscrew is classic, but very clean and straightforward interpretation. Form follows function here, and any curious newcomer should be able to use it to prove his move to the wine penalty room.

Westmark Bell corkscrew Barolo, price: around 40 euros, via

Wine glasses for beginners


Prepared for everything. I have fragrances for different occasions, shoes, shirts and safe, music. After I was allowed to do a wine training with Hawesko and wine and I have developed a friendship with benefits, the different wine types also want to be allowed to show their temperaments in the best possible way. So the right glasses are needed. In addition to Zalto and Josephinenhütte, I’ve become a big fan of Riedel, and if you’re still looking to get started, this multi-talented set is for beginners. Chardonnay? Check. Sauvignon Blanc? Check. Pinot Noir? Safe. Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Bordeaux? Fits. 

Set Wine Friendly Magnum, Riedel, price: around 39 euros, via

Stone wine rack

Stein Werk Heinz Dissauer Weinständer

Massive liaison for your bottle flirts: This wine stand from Stein:Werk is significantly more space-saving than the rock wine bar from above. The handcrafted piece of furniture holds five wine bottles. Handcrafted from granite stone, each wine rack has a naturally broken surface that gives it a distinctive aesthetic. The natural broken surface of the granite gives the wine rack a rustic and authentic look. Each piece is unique with individual characteristics. After all, I celebrate this contrastingly charming combination of rough, organic texture and refined elegance. Smart detail: the openings in the granite are cut or better – milled – so that you can clearly see the labels of the bottles, and make your selection effortlessly. We’re not going to think about how effortless it is to set up the bottles. But my wine-major is firmly convinced that this wine accessory would fit super in my apartment. I just have to talk to the budget.

Wine rack Grenzstein by Stein:Werk, price: 380 Euro, via

Advanced wine glasses

Josephinenhütte by Kurt Josef Zalto weingläser
© Josephinenhütte by Kurt Josef Zalto

Glasses like works of art. The wine glasses from Josephinenhütte’s “Josephine” collection are the coolest I’ve ever seen. They were given to us by Austrian glass designer Kurt Josef Zalto, who has now even won the Red Dot Design Award for them. The glasses are delicate, ultra light, but elevate the taste and aroma to a new level. The carefully shaped edge ensures that part of the wine that rises from movement on the edge of the glass is broken and then flows back into the glass in a spiral motion. In this way, the wine absorbs a lot of oxygen and can develop perfectly.Rather something for advanced and you have to be careful when rinsing – but these things increase the desire for wine adventure even more.

Wine glasses by Josephinenhütte, price: starting at 60 euros, more via

Tufa wine cooler

Stein Werk Heinz Dissauer Weinkühler

For wine beginners probably the most favorable entry into the stone charm from the manufactory Stein:Werk by Heinz Dissauer. The wine cooler made of tuff combines form with function. The handmade tuff wine cooler with a natural fracture on the top edge was made from one piece of stone and brushed antique diamond on the outside, which provides a pleasant lively touch feeling.

The wine cooler with a wall thickness of 1.5 cm ensures the optimum temperature when it is filled with water beforehand and left to stand for about five minutes. The stone fresh holder really soaks up the water and stores it for a very long time. Thanks to the evaporative cooling, the drinks stay cool for an exceptionally long time. And: During the time the wine cooler is soaking up water, this process creates a fascinating play of colors on the stone. There is room for all standard bottles up to max. 89 mm in diameter.

Tufa wine cooler, Stein:Werk by Heinz Dissauer, Price: 110 Euro, via

Wine rack hanging

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Somehow I always fall in love with the wine accessories one budget level too high. Scandinavian minimalist, practical, good: Stact’s space-saving panels hold 9 wine bottles each. 9 finishes, including walnut, oak or piano lacquer in black, white, orange and gray, are available. Advantage: The panels are hung without tools on the wall bracket, so simply hooked to the supplied wall suspension. Price: 139 euros, via


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