Aberfeldy 12 Gold Bar Limited Edition: Gold piece for gold pieces

Aberfeldy 12 Gold Bar Limited Edition

Pouring is the most beautiful gift. Also beautiful: pouring out shared moments. And what fits better for collecting memories: a collector’s item.

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Collecting always has something of a treasure hunt. Now, I’m not the type who has to physically push the limits like Indiana Jones – ordering or taking part in a raffle is thrill enough. I like special editions of products, limited editions, in all areas – for example, this hip flask of the fragrance Le Male. The fragrance has accompanied me through my youth, and is therefore associated with memories. That the thing came out of all in a hip flask version, which takes my passion for home bar and wine on the grain, I found amusing, and celebrate the edition even more. Of course, you can only fill this hip flask here fragrance, but bottling is a good keyword.

Flask instead of flat joke. Yes: collector’s pieces I can simply smell well. And drink.

I also passionately collect spirits for my home bar. But not just to look at them like stamps with the utmost respect. No. Pouring also means pouring out something good for someone. And sharing discoveries – be it wine, rum or whiskey – is the most fun of all. Spirits aren’t called conversational stuff for nothing, are they?

And while we’re on the subject of industrious gift-giving: I like that. Surprise and give pleasure – nice thing. Just please not forced. Or imposed. Or expected. Valentine’s Day and the like give rise to expectations that can’t be met. I prefer to surprise in the middle of times – and now there are more and more people in the family or the circle of friends, which you can surprise with whiskey. Like with this gold piece here. Whether it’s brought by the Easter bunny, Santa Claus or simply the letter carrier, it doesn’t matter at all. The main thing is that you can go on a curious discovery tour together.

Aberfeldy 12 years old Gold Bar Limited Edition

Aberfeldy 12 Gold Bar Limited Edition
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Briefly about the bottler of the treasure chest contents: The distillery ABERFELDY was founded in 1898 by brothers John Alexander and Tommy Dewar in the Scottish Highlands. Just a stone’s throw from the birthplace of their father, the famous blender John Dewar, they built their own distillery next to which flows the little river Pitilie Burn, famous for its gold deposits – the perfect water source for the Golden Dram. Inside the distillery, time-honored production techniques, such as a long fermentation that provides the rare characteristic honey note, preserve the flavor profile of the whiskey, which is known for its rich, sweet and smooth taste.

Aberfeldy 12 Gold Bar Limited Edition

Pressed style: black and gold just understand each other really noble.

No hieroglyphics: Each of the symbols represents a core feature of Aberfeldy – from the still to the bees that symbolize the honey flavor.

Aberfeldy 12 Gold Bar Limited Edition

Whether you can invest this gold bar well? As far as investment is concerned, the thing has decent percentages, but instead of investing I would rather give it first, and then pour out. Because pouring together is the most beautiful form of gift or?

Incidentally, the gold bar gift case is not far-fetched. Because with its mixture of honey, ripe fruit, vanilla and caramel flavors, the sips of Aberfeldy 12 Years old really come across as golden. I researched this seriously in several glass tests.

Aberfeldy 12 Gold Bar Limited Edition

A treasure chest that may be relieved of its bottle: The Aberfeldy 12 Years old Gold Bar Edition.

Sesame, open: Perfect for beginners who are open to relaxed whiskies.

Aberfeldy 12 Gold Bar Limited Edition

Aberfeldy 12 Gold Bar Limited Edition

The inner values? Pleasantly sweet with honey, a touch of pineapple, toasted aromas and cereals.

Carries more easily to the glass than a gold bar: the Aberfeldy 12 Years old Gold Bar Edition.

Aberfeldy 12 Gold Bar Limited Edition

Aberfeldy 12 Years old Gold Bar Edition: all that glitters is gold?

How the content of the gold bar tastes? Very accessible smooth and sweet with honey, a touch of pineapple, roasted flavors and cereals. The taste: rather syrupy and sweet. Before a subtle spiciness and light bitter orange friendly beckon again at the end. Therefore, I’ll introduce the Aberfeldy 12 Years old also times to my mom, who has become curious in addition to wine also with whiskey. Or try it as an ingredient in my BBQ sauce. In any case, a Highland whiskey that is in good hands in the house bar.

Aberfeldy 12 Gold Bar Limited Edition

The packaging dress code suits the house bar well.

Aberfeldy 12 Gold Bar Limited Edition, Price: 39,90 Euros, available in stores and via whisky.de


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