Food Spots Strasbourg: my culinary discoveries in the city of Alsace

Food Spots Strasbourg: my culinary discoveries in the city of Alsace

Classy wine and culinary delights, just a stone’s throw from the Black Forest: Strasbourg is the perfect place to go on a culinary journey. The Alsatian city directly opposite Kehl on the Rhine is as classic as it is creative. Appetite? Thirsty? Here are the food spots I discovered in Strasbourg.

Strasbourg and Alsace in general have been on my bucket list for a long time. I was able to cross Paris off it last year – you can read here how my first short culinary trip through the Seine metropolis went and which spots I can recommend: Click – Paris Food Spots.

In addition to the countless food adventures, Strasbourg, as the first port of call in Alsace, naturally also attracts me with my other engagement: wine. The region is known above all for its fine white wines – so you have to indulge your thirst for knowledge while traveling. That’s why we took the opportunity when our trip took us to one of our second travel homes in the Black Forest: Hotel Ritter in Durbach near Offenburg is just over half an hour by train from Kehl and the crossing to Strasbourg. An easy journey for the Strasbourg food spots!

Uniquely charming: the la Petite France district in the center of Strasbourg.

Where would the culinary journey take me? I did a lot of research beforehand, danced through the internet jungle like Baloo the bear, got inspired by blogs, Pinterest and the like, checked out locations – and then we had a list of favorites that we went through. Whether everything tastes good and appeals? No risk, no fun! First tip: Touchdown at the “Alt Winmärik” streetcar station, from there to the La Petite France district – and let yourself drift from there.

1920 Film casino vibes in the location of a former bank: The Drunky Stork Social Club recreates the pub atmosphere.

drunky stork social club, straßburg food

The Alt Winmärik streetcar stop is a great starting point for gourmet tours through Strasbourg – and right between here and the next stop, Homme de Fer, is a unique and charming location for a first food adventure. The name alone arouses curiosity: Drunky Stork Social Club. You don’t have to worry about split opening hours here, the stork cooks non-stop – except for the meat, of course. Rare joke. Back to the serious side of life.

The Drunky Stork Social Club is an eclectic kitchen and an unusual pub in the building and site of a former bank in neo-baroque style, this Strasbourg spot dusts off the concept of the English pub with the modern approach of a “social club”.

drunky stork social club, straßburg food

A crunchy treat for the palate: the house hot dog with pulled pork.

Impressively elegant and almost classy from the outside, you are immediately greeted by the relaxed vibes as soon as you step inside. Everything here is approachable, casual – the vibes whet your appetite for more. The architecture alone is a feast for the eyes – you discover more and more details. And how do we eat? At the table, at the bar, for lunch or dinner, the chef’s cuisine is shared or not. At the bar, the Storch in Rue du Vieux-Marché-aux-Vins offers a selection of signature cocktails, spirits and champagnes as well as a wine list with wines selected by the glass. You can choose from a menu or simply order individual dishes. Our fish & chips were crispy and tasty, the chips homemade and crunchy, my highlight: a specially interpreted hot dog with pulled pork and pickled onions – delicious. Accompanied by a nice little selection of Alsace wines. Perfect for an uncomplicated lunch, and in the evening there’s even more choice on the menu. A place to fall in love!

The Drunky Stork Social Club, more via

Touchdown. At this location discovery near Strasbourg Cathedral, liquid memories are poured – in the truest sense of the word. While exploring the city in a relaxed manner, my eagle eye caught sight of a shop window with wine, which quickly turned into a handful. And finally what felt like a palace. Because after making your way through the pitfalls of an automatic door into the interior of the Comptoir des Vignerons Alsacien , The dimensions of this wine adventure playground first become clear: 75 independent Alsatian winegrowers have parked their bottle flirts there for dating.

Strassburg, alsace wine, Comptoir des Vignerons Alsacien

The proof of the pudding is in the eating: The super elegant Comptoir des Vignerons Alsacien regularly hosts Alsatian winegrowers who present their wines.

The highlight: they are regularly on site in person to taste their wines. One of them, Remy Lutz, was on site during our visit and offered a small tasting session. Practical course in Alsace wine? What is a Klevener? Even at eleven o’clock in the morning, you simply have to set priorities – and go on a journey by the glass, of course. Fruity wines that mix elegance with laissez-faire vibes – made me want more. And an appetite for a proper lunch.

A flirt at first sip: the wines from Domaine Lutz Rémy.

Strassburg, alsace wine, Comptoir des Vignerons Alsacien

Strassburg, alsace wine, Comptoir des Vignerons Alsacien

The location is definitely a cool adventure playground for a wine journey.

Passing the famous cathedral, the next food spots in Strasbourg head eastwards through really charming streets and hidden courtyards, where you can discover small stores and restaurants.

Idyllic and slightly hidden: the Place du Marché Gayot.

Strassburg, Strassburg food

Binchstub Broglie Straßburg gentlemens journey

Tarte flambée belongs to Strasbourg like white sausage or roast pork with beer belongs to Munich. Directly opposite the Broglie streetcar station, in a small side street, you’ll find an oasis for this quick-baked pastry concoction. Binchstub Broglie is small, cozy, charming and immediately captivates with its casual vibe. You could really sink into it.

Tarte flambée infatuation at first bite: What the Binchstub Broglie bakes up is on another level.

The unbelievably crunchy and tasty tarte flambée, after you no longer take any variation seriously here at home, is simply pure indulgence. They offer the classic version with bacon and onions, but also other creative variations with regional Munster cheese, roast beef or even a vegetarian version. There is also a changing selection of French wines, which are also super handy in the 0.5 carafe for two to share. One bite, one sip, all over again – the Binchstub rocks like a relaxed symphony. At a really fair price. 

Strasbourg, you taste good! For the first evening, we booked a table at the Floderer – and the architecturally appetizing location was also a pleasure to set up. Regional French cuisine is served in an Art Deco brasserie style with an imposing glass dome, including classics such as choucroute (sauerkraut) topped with a meaty best-of album from the local butcher. Two people can easily manage it. The architecture is a sight to behold from the window outside, and the delightful feeling continues inside. After all, Strasbourg’s food spots are easy on the eye.

If this architecture in the Floderer doesn’t make you happy, what will?

brasserie floderer straßburg, straßburg food

brasserie floderer straßburg, straßburg food

The glass dome in Art Deco style is a real feast for the eyes. Going on a culinary journey in this ambience really does taste twice as good.

To accompany the elegant, smooth Pinot Blanc from the Trimbach winery in Alsace, I first asked for a six-pack of oysters for a table dance. I also had a really tasty Oeuf Mimosa, a creative interpretation of mustard ice cream, and then my highlight of the day fluttered onto the table: Suprême de volaille. Or: Probably the most tender chicken breast in a Riesling cream sauce that I would fill a pool with. Food, ambience: Simply a place where everything outside is faded out while you go on an indulgent adventure inside. For very fair prices, by the way. That leaves more budget for wine flirtations. 

A smooth, refreshing accompaniment to oysters, scallops and chicken in Riesling sauce: Pinot Blanc from the Trimbach vineyard in Alsace.

brasserie floderer straßburg, straßburg food

brasserie floderer straßburg, straßburg food

French vibes. Oyster sextet and Pinot Blanc were a match.

Flew straight into my list of best dishes: Chicken breast in Riesling cream sauce with homemade spaetzle, of course. A dream!

brasserie floderer straßburg, straßburg food

Now that’s what I call a match. I had chosen a small wine bar for my last evening in Strasbourg – firstly because this food spot in Strasbourg simply bore my name, even if the c should have been swapped for a k, but I was willing to negotiate. Secondly, because the concept of the “Marcus Bar et cave a manger” of unagitated, creative sharing cuisine and natural wines than this ominous laughing yoga woman from social media.

Strassburg, Marcus bar et cave, Strassburg food

The name becomes a figurehead.

Sharing is caring. In the background you can see the wine list – at Marcus in the form of real bottles lined up with a description attached.

Strassburg, Marcus bar et cave, Strassburg food

And indeed: the first Pet Nat Rosé was a fine cherry on the cake, a terrific leek with sauce gribiche immediately flirted its way into our stomachs, duck slices marinated in orange were just as nice as an umami-rich mushroom cream, under which a poached egg was almost shyly concealed – pure liquid seduction. The Chardonnay from Famille Vaillant from the Loire literally evaporated in the meantime. The wines were displayed on shelves as a real-life menu, complete with prices and short bios – a nice touch. And the cheesecake with flambéed orange peel and nuts signed off the first thought: we need a second date.

Strassburg, Marcus bar et cave, Strassburg food

Smaller sizes, bigger pleasure discovery. The braised leek with gribiche sauce was a treat for the palate, as was the burrata with pickled oranges.

To the point: Duck marinated in orange juice.

Strassburg, Marcus bar et cave, Strassburg food

Strassburg, Marcus bar et cave, Strassburg food

Served with a cream of mushroom soup with sausage and poached egg and terrific smashed potatoes with garlic cream.

The wine selection focuses on organic and natural wines, very cool. Top: the Cheverny from the Villemade winery on the Loire.

Strassburg, Marcus bar et cave, Strassburg food

strassburg, straßburg

Strasbourg, or in short: here, the next new adventure is always within sight.

The apartment we found in the Elmerforst district was highly recommended. The “Stadtgarten” apartment was quietly located in a winding new building and really had everything you need – except a real set of wine glasses, but that’s complaining on a high level. Large living room, kitchen with all the trimmings, modern bathroom, and the highlight: a covered terrace with lounge area, a plantcha grill and a jacuzzi. Perfect after a long hike through Strasbourg.

The location: relaxed and quiet outside the city center, but so well connected that you can be back in the city center in no time at all. Directly opposite is an oriental supermarket, around 7 minutes on foot is an XXl supermarket where you can really find everything – from butchers to a large selection of wines. There is a bus station just around the corner, which connects directly to the streetcar that leaves for the city center every few minutes. So Strasbourg’s food spots are closer than you think. And if you have any questions, the really super relaxed host was always available.

Airbnb flat “Stadtgarten”, more via


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