Gin Mare: Mediterranean gin talent for the home bar

Gin Mare: Mediterranean gin talent for the home bar

New addition to the house bar: The Gin Mare from Spain is a good transfer for curious house bar coaches – thanks to its Mediterranean aroma drizzle arts around olives, rosemary and thyme. What else is in it and how you can combine the Gin Mare except in the gin and tonic, you read here.

On the blog here comes a lot in the glass, and so honest you can be: Gin and I, it has never really sparked until now. Whiskey or rum, that flirts just in winter with my home bar (also read: Favorites for the home bar). Now in the summer, however, we have started to try one or the other drink on the balcony before the weekend wine adventure – and also to give a gin the chance, which is the only one that has remained really good in my memory from my previous experiences: the Gin Mare.

Gin Mare Gin, Gentlemens Journey, Gin

Summer ripe like my shirts: a well mixable gin like the Gin Mare.

Gin Mare Gin, Gentlemens Journey, Gin

As botanicals, typical flavors of the Mediterranean region were captured – from olives to thyme…

… to oranges and lemons.

Gin Mare Gin, Gentlemens Journey, Gin

The Gin Mare from Barcelona gets on the dance floor with Mediterranean vibes, and has for this an aromatic botanical soundtrack of Arbequina olives, thyme, rosemary, basil, lemon, oranges, coriander, juniper berries and green cardamom distilled together. Quasi: a little coastal feeling to inhale on the balcony. This happens then not overperfumed, but very fine, in quiet nuances, elegantly packaged. This came refreshing as Munich Mule variant with ginger beer and cucumber or simply on ice with basil lemonade. A good house bar should be prepared for all possible guest requests. As a little inspiration, you can also find a few drink recipes to try out.

Gin Mare Gin, Gentlemens Journey, Gin

Exemplary: The Gin Mare can be used in a relaxed manner in multi-faceted drinks: From a Munich Mule variant or as a Basil Smash.

The bottle also definitely gives off a charming Mediterranean vibe.

Gin Mare Gin, Gentlemens Journey, Gin

Drink ideas for the Gin Mare Gin

Mediterranean Smash

  • 60 ml gin mare
  • 30 ml lemon juice
  • 25 ml sugar syrup
  • Basil, rosemary, thyme, olives as decoration

Mare Mule

  • 45 ml gin mare
  • 15 ml lemon juice
  • 10 ml honey syrup
  • 100 ml Seventeen Ginger Beer

Bloody Mare

  • 60 ml gin mare
  • 200 ml tomato juice
  • A few drops of Tabasco
  • Squeeze of lemon juice

Gin Mare Gin, Gentlemens Journey, Gin

Gin Mare: Conclusion

With a transfer fee of around 30 euros, the Gin Mare is definitely a good transfer for curious (rookie) home bar coaches who would like to have a gin multi-talent on their team that is still approachable, and can play off its Mediterranean aroma dribbling skills well in a variety of drinks. Again, don’t skimp on the tonic, even with a regular gin and tonic. So that all flavors come out well, reach for a good quality, then also the Mediterranean plays along joyfully. More information about the spirit can be found at


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