South Tyrol winery to know: Nicolussi-Leck

Weingut Nicolussi-Leck

The charming Nicolussi-Leck winery was one of my discoveries from my wine adventure on Lake Kaltern. I was immediately in love – also because of the classy black & white bottle dress code, which goes well with my favorite outfit colors. You can read here why you should try the winery and which wine tips I can recommend.

South Tyrolean wine: I could go on this adventure 24/7. I simply love this multifaceted style. And the region has become a second vacation living room anyway. It goes without saying that I’m always on the lookout for a new wine journey there. I discovered the winery Nicolussi-Leck (where, by the way, you can also stay overnight including pool as Bead&Breakfast) thanks to a little flirting help from Kat, the hostess at the ultra charming Vinum Hotel Pension Leuchtenburg.

You can find Nicolussi-Leck wine in the Pension Leuchtenburg not only on the menu but also in the fridge in the wine living room, where you can help yourself at any time in trust bar mode. I was immediately in love with the wines – also because of the Black&White bottle dress code, which goes well with my preferred colors. The best thing is that the winery is just a three-minute drive above the hotel, in the middle of a large forest clearing – which is why we decided to pay a spontaneous visit.

Vinum Hotel Pension Leuchtenburg, Weingut Nicolussi-Leck

First date: Possible bottle flirts are inspected in the charming wine lounge at Pension Leuchtenburg.

The elegant bottle with the Black&White dress code from Nicolussi-Leck immediately caught my eye.

Vinum Hotel Pension Leuchtenburg, Weingut Nicolussi-Leck

Weingut Nicolussi-Leck

Weingut Nicolussi-Leck Südtirol

Today, the winery is run by son Jakob Nicolussi and his wife Stephanie with the support of their parents. On steep slopes with gradients of up to 40%, quality wines thrive on warm, loamy sandy soil and the porphyry rock of the Mitterberg at 350 meters above sea level under the constant flow of the Ora from Lake Garda. The diversity of the unique location gave the Nicolussi-Leck team the opportunity to choose the optimal orientation for each variety from east, south and west-facing slopes.

Pool in the vineyards: you can relax and cool off at the winery’s Bed & Breakfast.

Weingut Nicolussi-Leck Südtirol

The new wine cellar (equipped with the most modern and gentle cellar technology) integrated into the hillside, built on several floors and at the highest technical level in 2017, gives Jakob Nicolussi-Leck the opportunity to produce very special and natural wines. In order not to “obstruct” the history of the winery, the historic building from the 13th century was smartly integrated into the construction work and is now used as a tasting room. The advantage: a constant climate, natural airflow between the walls and the supporting shotcrete wall, as well as processing the grapes using gravity.

If you wish, you can purchase wines directly on site. Guided tours are offered by prior arrangement. We were out and about on the spur of the moment and were lucky enough to be given a short tour of the premises – even if it was completely off the record, so thank you again for that.

Weingut Nicolussi-Leck, Südtriol Wein, Alto Adige Wine

Round thing: The rustic stone cellar corridor leads to the …

… elegant cellar with tanks and large barrels with a Star Wars look. Out of this world nice!

Weingut Nicolussi-Leck, Südtriol Wein, Alto Adige Wine

Weingut Nicolussi-Leck, Südtriol Wein, Alto Adige Wine

The bar in the tasting room is also super charming. Robust stones, clear, clean furniture – the wines from Nicolussi-Leck are as rich in contrast as the interior.

The Nicolussi-Leck winery currently has several red and white wines in the Portfolio. I tried the three white wines Karolina, Madgalena and Verena – and I’ll tell you what they taste like below.

Nicolussi-Leck Sauvignon Blanc Karolina

Weingut Nicolussi-Leck Sauvignon Blanc Karolina

A crisp, elegant, mineral soundtrack of vines with beats of elderflower and gooseberry: the Nicolussi-Leck Sauvignon Blanc Karolina.

The Sauvignon 1917 Karolina was love at first sip – with consequences. Because after the hostess told me that the winery was located directly above our location, we had to pay a visit. The first Karolina date was that impressive. Because I immediately liked the winemaker’s signature style. I’ll remember the white wine because it’s a crispy, elegantly mineral grape soundtrack with beats of elderflower and gooseberry that smoothly lays its origins of gravel, clay soils and porphyry on the soundtrack. Above all, I associate the wine with endless rain pattering on the balcony roof and the sunshine that the wine has conjured up in the glass with nonchalance. Wine poetry can be so sexy despite thinking in black and white, can’t it!

Nicolussi-Leck, Sauvignon Karolina, Price: around 18 Euros

Nicolussi-Leck Chardonnay Magdalena

A creamy liaison of brioche, mandarins, apple and peach: the Nicolussi-Leck Chardonnay Magdalena.

Weingut Nicolussi-Leck Chardonnay Magdalena

The Chardonnay Magdalena goes to school on a western slope on gravel, clay soil and porphyry bedrock. Thanks to the winemakers’ craftsmanship, this is not a daily wine for me (at around 18 euros), but an expressive, albeit initially restrained fun-maker with a drinkable character for weekends or family gatherings. The fine, nonchalant white wine reminds me of a burger made from toasted brioche, with a chutney of mandarins, rhubarb and apple brushed over it, and a curious acidic sauce drizzled over slices of pickled peach and banana. Creamy, but with a gripping freshness. Strong in character, but without airs and graces, and genuinely warming despite this elegant South Tyrolean coolness.

Nicolussi-Leck, Chardonnay Magdalena, Price: around 18 Euros

Nicolussi-Leck Chardonnay Magdalena

Weingut Nicolussi-Leck Weißburgunder Verena

A harmonious look of herbs and yellow fruit: the Verena Pinot Blanc from Nicolussi-Leck.

The Verena Pinot Blanc shows at first sip that this is a wine that is a pleasure to drink in an unagitated, elegant manner. Once you have tasted several wines, as we did, you immediately recognize the fine signature. The nose greeting of apple, vineyard peach and pineapple is joined by a beautiful floral and herbal fragrance. This is what a tasteful picnic with a fruit basket feels like. When you let it loose on your tongue, you immediately feel a pleasant and engaging creaminess. But the Pinot Blanc doesn’t butter you up: the fruit-acid interplay is refreshingly balanced, dribbles a yellow fruit basket through the palate and finishes dry with a dash of citrus fruit. Simply a relaxed wine for pleasant drinking adventures.

Nicolussi-Leck, Weißburgunder Verena, Price: around 18 Euros

Weingut Nicolussi-Leck, Südtriol Wein, Alto Adige Wine

It will be interesting to see what else is conjured up from the barrels – I can only recommend a date with Nicolussi-Leck wines from South Tyrol at any time.

If you are curious about a South Tyrolean adventure with elegant depth and a fine freshness, you should definitely try the wines from the Nicolussi-Leck winery. I like it when there is a recognizable signature running through the wines – and maybe that’s why the wines are so appealing. The red wines are still on my bucket list. But as soon as I’ve had the chance to embark on this wine adventure with Lagrein, Vernatsch and other wines from the estate, I’ll add to it here. You will definitely find a source of supply for the wines in Germany and Switzerland. Have fun tasting for now.


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