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Tasty Stuff

Uncomplicated & stylish good mood wine insider tips from under 10 to a maximum of 40 Euros – combined with some of my favorite fashion pieces from the closet. In short: appealing fruit salad.

Secret wine tips to enjoy casually

There are items of clothing with which one feels particularly comfortable. And there are wines that give me the same feeling. Beautifully designed wines, partly combined from different grape varieties, uncomplicated but elegant in appearance. What you will not find here: Cobblers, who define themselves over 50 different aromas. But honest fun makers from Germany, Austria, Italy, or, or, or – the list will be extended as soon as a new bottle goes into the wine closet. And: The clothes you see in the background were mostly not more expensive than the wines themselves. Insider tip bargains can also be cool. In this sense: Have fun being inspired!

Riesling Verde, Weingut Eva Fricke, Rheingau

Still looking for whimsical summer wines? Then stop! Leave everything, take the shopping cart and throw this thing in (several times). You open a bottle of this white wine and bang – you feel as if you were beamed onto a terrace in the middle of the Douro valley. What does Portugal have to do with the Rheingau? The reason is easy: Riesling Verde comes from the Rheingau. There, winemaker Eva Fricke has specialized in Rieslings and dedicated a fruit salad homage Made in Germany to the Portuguese Vinho Verde.

eva fricke riesling verde weine gentlemens journey

Straight recommendation, especially for curious fruit salad beginners: Gather friends and pour the thing here chilled!

eva fricke riesling verde weine gentlemens journey

Riesling Verde by Eva Fricke is a real summer wine and tastes as cheekily unconventional and entertaining as the pop-up art summer shirt.

This mostly straw-colored wine from the north of Portugal is rather light with an alcohol content of 8.5 to 11 percent by volume – and thus an exciting alternative to the after-work drink, which of course should not be too heavy. This variant is spritzing, fruity and chilled simply a cool summer wine. And it is exactly this character that winemaker Eva Fricke had in mind for her Verde. You can tell immediately: the person behind this (still) insider tip is in a great mood for cool wine with character.

weingut eva fricke rheingau weine gentlemens journey
© Markus Bassler

The native of Bremen has found her home in the Rheingau and now runs a 13-hectare vineyard in Eltville. From there, the wines have traveled the world and have made their way onto the wine lists of some of the best restaurants around the world. Nevertheless, none of the wines stand out, and the fruit salads are fairly affordable even for beginners. The Verde, for example, costs no more than a drink in a fancy city bar at 14 euros and is a more fun and sensible investment when shared with friends.

eva fricke weingut winzerin gentlemens journey

Crafts wines that make you smile: Winemaker Eva Fricke has dedicated herself to Riesling, her winery is considered one of the best in Germany. At least.

eva fricke riesling verde weine gentlemens journey

Eva’s philosophy: sustainable, ecological and fair production. And here you can taste that the person behind it really wants character wine.

And how does the Riesling Verde taste now? Imagine you are sitting, at noon on the riverbank, your feet in the water, a light breeze, and around it endless chains of hills. Every sip like a step into the water, an apple-lemon cocktail for all those who like a little bit of sweeter without it getting kitschy. For me the Ariana Grande among the Rieslings: a classy-facetted, smoothy catchy tune for the glass. More wines of my winemaker’s discovery will be presented here shortly.

Eva Fricke, Verde Riesling 2019 QBA, Price: 14 Euro, directly via www.evafricke.com/2019-verde

Riesling Wisperwind, Weingut Eva Fricke, Rheingau

eva fricke wisperwind riesling gentlemens journey weinkaufsliste

With the taste picture of the Wisperwind is just as much going on as with the outfit. But in the end it fits together charmingly.

Listen to your heart. Unless the winemaker says, “Take the Riesling!” Then listen to the winemaker. In the case of this good-humored white wine from Eva Fricke, you can listen to Eva, me or / and your heart and grab, uncork and then shoot heart smileys around. In her second wine that I’ve tasted now, I had a crush as fast as the women’s world has had on the male actor of the Netflix hit 365 days. I don’t think you need to say anything more about it.

eva fricke wisperwind riesling gentlemens journey weinkaufsliste

So clean the label, so fireworks the contents.

eva fricke wisperwind riesling gentlemens journey weinkaufsliste

You can feel Eva’s idea and the signature from the first sip. I just whisper: Another bottle, please.

Wisperwind is a charmingly cheeky and elegant Riesling Cuvée from Lorcher sites in the Rheingau and smells like a walk through hay meadows with flowers. The first kiss tingles slightly, then melts creamy peachy-fruity, tingly and comes as good as a honeydew melon ice cube on the skin. Happy head cinema. No, but seriously: a great Riesling cinema that you will want to start from scratch.

Eva Fricke “Wisperwind”, Price: 17 Euro, via www.evafricke.com/wisperwind

Riesling Kiedrich, Weingut Eva Fricke, Rheingau

weinkaufsliste weingut eva fricke riesling kiedrich
© Gentlemens Journey

The last wine from the trio that I was allowed to taste of Eva Fricke’s wines comes from the slopes around the town of Lorch. And admittedly, I was already in love after the dates with Verde and Wisperwind, but after sipping one of Lorch’s Riesling, it was finally clear to me: This will be a long-term relationship. Why? Let me describe it to you like this: Eva Fricke always manages to create different beats from the sound of Riesling, which all develop into a catchy soundtrack. For the Riesling Kiedrich, she took vine samples from loess and clay soils and used them to create a fluid Rheingau-Drake track.

weingut eva fricke weinkaufsliste mood

It all started with a small vineyard in Lorch, now Eva’s wines are on the wine list in top restaurants around the globe. And hopefully soon at your table, too.

weinkaufsliste weingut eva fricke riesling kiedrich

Cuddles so refreshingly that you don’t want to give it away anymore: the Riesling Kiedrich by Eva Fricke.

The juicy Riesling smells like a sandy beach (or sandbank by the river), with a slightly salty breeze, tastes like jumping into water with thousands of slices of yellow fruit. The wine comes slowly, and makes itself discreetly but engagingly broad, every slight tingling, every note of gooseberry or orange snuggles up in the mouth, as smooth as Drake’s songs – and it is clear that the fine white wine also makes a short horny-sour statement in between. To be fair: The composition may seem a price shelf too high for beginners, but have the courage to do it. Try a few Rieslings, and then it’s best to try the hit together. No wine for a quick drink, but perfect if you’re up for a short trip to the Rhine after work or on the weekend.

Riesling Kiedrich trocken, Weingut Eva Fricke, Price: 19 Euro, via www.evafricke.com/kiedrich-riesling

Riesling & Riesling Alte Reben, Weingut Albrecht Schwegler

Aaron Schwegler from the Albrecht Schwegler winery is my absolute new discovery. You can read more about the Dude and his winery below. We start with two insider tips for white wine fans. Two Rieslings, one style, two characters of their own. The best thing to do is to bring both of them to the house bar and then compare them glass by glass – both are fun and easy.

weingut albrecht schwegler riesling alte reben gentlemens journey
© Gentlemens Journey

The Riesling is not a loud companion that wants instant attention. The unagitated white wine simply wants its drinker to have a good time. But you quickly notice: the bottle has really cool inner values. The thing is smooth, concentrates on the essential, cuddles – but in a refreshing way. Tastes like lightly spiced horny apple ice cream, but always stays balanced and calm. Easy but with depth. I like!

weingut albrecht schwegler riesling alte reben gentlemens journey

Black & White Look in a double pack. For me, the two Rieslings by Aaron Schwegler are just as cuddly, uncomplicated and elegant as my dog-tooth pattern cardigan.

Frumpy? Never. Let the Riesling Alte Reben take a short breath, then the magic potion really blossoms. But this fruit salad is no self-indulgent showpiece either. You lie in an orchard, look into the clouds and inhale finely liquefied apples, pears, herbs and one or two flowers. Not in the Rosamunde Pilcher way, but with fresh Netflix vibe. The Riesling makes an impression, gives a brief fruit-high-five, but then leaves you enough space to have fun with it according to your mood. Give it a little time, then you’ll get to the winemaker’s message behind it. And especially exciting in a double pack to check out your own Riesling preferences. Enjoy!

strickjacke hahnentrittmuster gentlemens journey

The cardigan from Asos can be elegant but also cozy – like the two Rieslings.

Beginners and wine curious people who like to discover white wine should check out Aaron’s wines, even if they are perhaps a price range higher.. Riesling, Price: 12 Euro, via www.genuss7.de/weingut-albrecht-schwegler and Riesling Alte Reben, Price: 23 Euro, via Weingut Albrecht Schwegler.

Pinot Noir, Weingut Albrecht Schwegler

Some people have straw lying around, I just have a tire. Doesn’t make sense in either case, but in the case of this red fruit salad jewel it allows me to play with words.

wein-geheimtipps albrecht schwegler pinot noir

The Pinot Noir from dear Aaron Schwegler is so perfectly balanced and mature that one wants to enjoy it regularly.

And how the red wine gives full throttle at the aroma race! But in a sexy-relaxed way. No RTL broadcast with countless commercial breaks and tiring shop talk. He drinks himself like directly in the pit lane, live thereby, but always as smoothly entertaining as models dancing by.

westen jeans hemd gentlemens journey

Triple Black. The denim shirt from Asos in western style is almost a denim jacket. Powerful, heavy, but at the same time very comfortable and casual.

wein-geheimtipps albrecht schwegler pinot noir

Tastes like summer night, cherry, currant and gingerbread spices play the ball back and forth like David Beckham and Andrea Pirlo. Soft, crunchy, addictive.

To be fair: The ticket to the wine-giving costs a little more, but in return you treat yourself to craftsmanship with character and no soulless supermarket bottling for the mass market. Weingut Albrecht Schwegler Pinot Noir, Price: around 37,50 Euro, via www.genuss7.de/albrecht-schwegler-pinot-noir-2017

Rotwein-Trio, Weingut Albrecht Schwegler

weingut albrecht schwegler weine
© Gentlemens Journey

The family winery Albrecht Schwegler is located in Korb, in the heart of the Remstal valley. Here, on the outskirts of Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg, Albrecht Schwegler and his wife Andrea have been conjuring up top-quality red wines (motto: absolutely delicious) from regional and international grape varieties in bottles and glasses since 1990. In 2009 the second generation moved into the winery with Julia and Aaron Schwegler. And their son Aaron opened a new magic potion barrel: the most dignified white wines. But I will tell you more about that in the next text update. In the vineyard, nature is in the foreground for the winemakers. This means that the approximately 7 hectares of vineyards are cultivated without artificial fertilizers and conventional pesticides, but are merely fertilized with organic material and species-rich seeds. And at Schweglers we take our time. The white wines are stored in the cellar for at least 12 months and the red wines for at least 24 months.

Every year, the red wine cuvée Granat is one of the finest wines in the country. To be honest, I’ve been saving that one, but I’d like to recommend the other two red (unforgettable) fruit salads. Granat is the Bastian Schweinsteiger of the fruit salads from Schwegler and is therefore very popular – but if you’ve tried one of Aaron’s cheaper red wines as a beginner, you’ll have a good idea of what kind of indulgence is waiting in the bottle.

weingut albrecht schwegler beryll saphir granat

Noble label, inside adventure and aroma treasure hunt: The three red wine gems from the Albrecht Schwegler winery taste good for tricking.

The red wine cuvée Beryll 2018 from Schwegler starts at around 18 euros, is a liaison of the grape varieties Zweigelt, Cabernet Franc and Merlot, and was of course allowed to cuddle in the barrique. Honestly: The secret wine tips thing flashed me like nothing I’ve smelled in a long time. Suddenly everything is faded out, just you and this red wine. And you know: The evening will be longer because you inhale every sip pure like an aroma treasure hunt. The beryl reminds you of a horny steak that you eat during a cool summer rain with a view of the grill fire, even better: For me, this fruit salad tastes like a casual, fine whisky mixed with purest currant juice. Smoke, spice, acidity, but everything combined as cool as a new tailor-made suit. In short: absolute infatuation Price: 18 Euro, via www.genuss7.de/weingut-albrecht-schwegler-beryll

The 2018 Saphir 2018 red wine cuvée from Zweigelt, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Lemberger ranks one transfer fee category higher. The fruit salad matured for 24 months in new and used barriques, goes in the same direction as the beryl, but has its own unique character. Just imagine your feet are hanging in a slowly flowing stream while wiping a hot suit or sneaker from right to left, just like on your smartphone in front of you. Except that each garment smells a little bit like blackberry, cherry or chocolate, and every now and then a bag with a spice shaker comes along. The sapphire is not intimidatingly bulky or elitist. If you take some time, you’ll notice: a really casual Dude who knows how to behave, but who can also laugh heartily at himself. Price: around 38 Euro, via www.genuss7.de/weingut-albrecht-schwegler-saphir

gentlemens journey meinung selbstoptimierung

The zigzag striped shirt from Asos is also one of my favorites. Super cuddly, casual, unconventional but in its own way I find it really classy.

das weinheim münchen weinkaufsliste gentlemens journey
© Gentlemens Journey

Grauburgunder Reserve, Weingut Stefan Bietighöfer

bietighöfer grauburgunder reserve gentlemens journey weine unter 20 euro
© Gentlemens Journey

What can you do with a quiet weekend at home? Clearing out? Decelerate? Better: uncork! If I can’t get to the wine bar, the wine just comes to me. Or you – and Brudi here, I can only recommend for a date. I got to know the wines of Stefan Bietighöfer at an event of the Generation Riesling. The labels with partly acrobatic animals are already stirring: The winegrower has his own head, and I like exactly these refreshing wines in a double sense.

Stefan is a cool ass guy from the South Palatinate hinterland and simply shoots good mood wine into the glass. But not in the Mario Barth catapult way, but casually-elegant with the fine humor blade.

bietighöfer grauburgunder reserve gentlemens journey weine unter 20 euro

The Game of Pear Pinot Gris has a finish that makes you want to scream encore and clap your hands on the bottle and glass.

gentlemens journey meinung rollkragen

The knitted turtleneck sweater with interwoven zig-zag lines is from Asos and was quickly best friend in fresh times.

In addition, the charming white wine applies for the fair play award for price/performance. For just under 12 euros the circus comes to your wine glass. Don’t forget to taste – of course this also applies to the other wines from Stefan’s assortment. Bietighöfer Grauburgunder Reserve, via www.genuss7.de/weingut-bietighoefer

Biancolo, Weingut Gagliole

If you are looking for Italian wine love, there is no getting around the Gagliole, the fountain of love. The winery was taken over by the Swiss Dr. Thomas Bär and his wife Monika in 1990 and is one of my absolute favorites. The fruit salads are produced in the small town of Castellina in Chianti. All grapes are hand picked and carefully processed after delivery to the winery. Only the best grapes find their way into the large wooden barrels and French barriques. You can imagine how much Italy is delivered into your glasses. The wines of Gagliole are also neither over-headed nor full of allure, and that is why I am happy to present them here and recommend the winery to you.

gagliole biancolo gentlemens journey

Does not mince his taste words: The white wine Biancolo of Gagliole tastes like a day at the Italian sea.

This is an honest good mood wine indulgence with a fine, elegant twist. Just like the Biancolo. Here the two traditional white wine vines Trebbiano (one of the oldest great Italian vines) and Chardonnay such as tomato, basil and mozzarella complement each other.

stampd la flanell shirt gentlemens journey

This super-soft flannel shirt with cool chest pocket details is from Stampd LA and one of my favorite shirts.

gagliole biancolo gentlemens journey

Refreshingly cuddly: White wine can be as easy and fun as this secret wine tip.

The charming white wine smells honestly already on one meter distance after a morning at the sea, cool breeze, warm sand, horny day. A wine like pure bathing fun in a sea of herbs and citrus fruits! Fresh, beautiful acidity, crisp. Just put it into the glass and beam directly to Italy. Gagliole Biancolo, Price: 13,80 Euro, via www.brogsitter.de/gagliole-biancolo

Terre 2016, Weingut San Leonardo

san leonardo terre 2016 gentlemens journey
© Gentlemens Journey

Talking about feelings as a man: It’s okay, it’s just not always easy. It’s good when you have an open date on your own initiative. And if it smells nice and makes me smile – jackpot. Leaving the cork in would be a really bad decision for this charming talent from the Italian province of Trentino. The Terre from 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot and 10% Carmenère is the entry wine of the famous San Leonardo Winery. Especially the Ora (a south wind on Lake Garda, which flows through the valley of the Adige) provides warming breezes and contributes a share of the most exquisite grape material for the best fruit salad.

wein-geheimtipps san leonardo terre 2016

Business Class meets relaxed cheekiness: The San Leonardo Terre 2016 is red wine fun with elegant nonchalance.

jeansjacke giftgrün vans gentlemens journey

Dark blue pattern jeans jacket with neon green shirt and vans. New favorite look like the wine: Classy, curious, relaxed.

I had the honor of tasting the wine every year since its vintage 2014 thanks to my wine whisperers from Thurner PR and please: If you want to enjoy Italian flair without attitudes and with pure red fruit salad joie de vivre at a fair price: Please book the San Leonardo Terre Express. Two sips, that’s all – then check out the potential of this red wine for grinning cats. Fruity-elegant, without allures, at the parting the thing reminds of easily sour currant, and still for minutes. In addition: light spiciness, a little bit of plain taste, in short: a wine like a kiss that you don’t want to end. Tenuta San Leonardo Terre 2016, Price: 12 Euro, via www.belvini.de/terre-di-san-leonardo

Grauburgunder, Weingut David Klenert, Kraichgau

David Klenert’s wines are for me all reason for voluntary detention (by the way, here you can find a big portrait of the cool winemaker). Today the Grauburgunder Made in Kraichgau is a great wine producer. David is just over 30 and just thought about it: I’m going to start my own business with wine. And we all profit from this decision. He takes a casual approach, the wines are not conceited, but rather approachable and simply make you feel good. (I was allowed to be present live on site as an expert at his online wine tasting – click here for the report about the adventure)

david klenert grauburgunder gentlemens journey

I will taste Grauburgunder. I will taste Grauburgunder. I will …

I say yes: yes to great wines you don’t always have to travel half a world for. Pinot gris are versatile – they can be discreet, easygoing, sometimes sweet, sometimes crunchy, but also very cheekily cultivated and put an unexpectedly quick-witted fruit basket into the taste bucket. Just like this one from David.

david klenert grauburgunder gentlemens journey

David’s Pinot Gris is not a “I-will-fame-and-attention” Bad Boy, not a follower who wants to taste everyone, but one who dares and one who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

If you like yellow fruits (sorry, Bart) you can’t go wrong with the Pinot Gris. As if honeydew melon or mirabelle were knocking gently and freshly. Nice. For me it’s a wine that will get you a stone in the board at female wine tasters, no matter if best friend, Bae or Mom.

asos simpsons hemd shirt gentlemens journey

I like the shirt from the Asos x The Simpsons own collection. Cheeky, casual – just like David’s wines.

And the best: the entertainer will not cost you 9 Euros. So: skate to the digital wine dealer of trust and put a bottle on the conveyor belt. And as soon as he has taken a little sip, Bart won’t look so angry anymore. That’s a promise! David Klenert Grauburgunder, Price: 8,40 Euro, via www.badische-weine.de/

Rosé Trio from Germany and Austria

Good rosés are like certain songs: They put you in a good mood with the first note, make you happy, distract you, comfort you, or kidnap you – in this case you don’t have to worry about wanderlust, the head cinema trip only goes as far as Austria. But fortunately the two candidates can be delivered.

Here I would like to introduce three rosés that have inspired me lately. Practically all of them came in one box – it was part of the weekly reassembled boxes that my favorite Munich wine bar Das Weinheim offered for pickup during the Corona break.

gentlemens journey rosé weine das weinheim doris wiederstein

3 tough, refreshing secret wine tips for the summer: Those who like rosé will fall in love here.

The “Das Weinheim Edition Rosé”, which was created together with the winemaker Johannes B, is simply evil. Evil good. Ice-cooled, liquid, cuddly strawberry-raspberry ice cream with a world-off flair. And that for just under 10 euros a bottle. More info via dasweinheim.de/

Rosé Rosa by Austrian winemaker Doris Wiederstein is a little crispier, tart, but also something for strawberry lovers. A Rosé like canyoning. Refreshing jumps, gentle rustling, but in between you never know what’s around the corner. Cool fabric for again only just over 10 Euro. Via www.wiederstein.at/shop/Rosa

Also for just under 10 Euros, this Austrian berry pampering from the Hoffmann Winery comes to your glass. Raspberry-strawberry ice cream, once chased through a mountain stream. Retro or not: Just find it timelessly cool. Via www.weinober.de/hoffmann-retro-rose

tartan jeans jacket gentlemens journey

The yellow tartan pattern jeans jacket from Pull & Bear was a bargain for under 30 Euros. And instant love.

Secret wine tips: To Be Continued …


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