Fashion over 30: Do I need to be dictated what I wear?

Fashion over 30: Do I need to be dictated what I wear?

Fashion over 30? Magazines or fashion experts like to headline what you should wear or no longer wear for your age. But is that my opinion: Nope!

“10 things you must banish from your closet when you are 30 You should no longer wear these clothes when you are 30. These are the outfits that 30-year-olds should now put their money on”.

All typical headlines in fashion magazines and blogs. Ok, to be fair: You can also replace the age number with 40 or 50 or whatever you like, but at the end there’s always the message: Dress your age and we’ll tell you what it looks like. Okay. But who tells me that? The single editor who then hides behind the magazine name? Or was it fairly agreed upon by an editorial team that covers all age groups, discussed and voted upon in this way? Spoilers: A lot is at the discretion of individuals, I worked in one for a long time. And it’s also fine when someone expresses his or her view of things. There are certainly a few “please take that out of the closet” suggestions that I can understand. Fine-rib undershirts, for example. Crogs. Mallorca Tshirts with hilarious sayings. Pollunder. Only in the end, I don’t want to let people who don’t know me dictate what is good for me and how I go public. If I let myself be dictated to, I would be one of countless copies out there. And would give myself up a little bit.

sommerhemd kurzarmhemd gentlemens journey

No matter how old you are, don’t lose the fun of trying out new details in the look.

Fashion over 30 or: Find your style, don’t let it be dictated

Style develops. One makes mistakes, which one looks back on later with a laughing eye in the best case. Yes, I wear since I got the 3 before the age more often a suit, jacket, a shirt or Chelsea boots. But not because I have to at work – fortunately not – but in my free time, because I like it. Because I decide that for myself, and then I feel comfortable. Upside-down baseball caps over 30 are a no-go? Maybe in the executive suite or banking industry. But if you have Bad Hair Day, hey, feel free. I think everybody is aware that the cap stays at home during a job interview, and just because you wear shorts and sneakers on the weekend doesn’t make you a worse lawyer or teacher in the office.

Air Jordans with 35? Please, carry! T-shirt with jacket? Yeah! I think the point is to become more conscious. Looking more at the material, finding little labels that are good for you. It’s like with wine: what used to be white or red and the main thing is that it blasts, today it has 1000 different facets of aroma. And what used to be drinking can now be called enjoying. Style means that the outfits are worn by the wearer with attitude and are effective through us. And not that the clothes carry us – because then it is a disguise. What use is a cashmere turtleneck or suit shoes if you look flawed in them, more than a sucking pig at a vegetarian dinner or niveau in trash TV.

sommerhemd kurzarmhemd gentlemens journey

Throw a dark jacket over it and fashion critics would be quiet.

Imagination and present

Didn’t we all have an idea back then what life would look like later on? When I think back, just before graduating from high school, somehow nothing was clear back then. What will I do professionally? No idea. Something creative (click: That’s how I got my calling). But at 30 at the latest, everything would be really grown up, like you know it from movies. Everything settles, business runs, a cool apartment, chic outfits, how you imagined people who do advertising back then. I didn’t expect to sit in the office with a Coca-Cola Hawaii shirt (click: my favorite short sleeve shirts for the summer) or wear vans, and still be fine in my small apartment with sweatpants. Did I make a wrong turn on my 30th birthday? Nope. Everyone has their own timetable. And no fashion is determined by 30 commands from your own world view.

sommerhemd kurzarmhemd gentlemens journey

Lean back and relax. Finding your style is a long journey.

sommerhemd kurzarmhemd gentlemens journey

Tartan pattern with snake print: I hadn’t dare to combine like this in the past, but I find it appropriate now.

Me and my expiration date

When 30, 40 and 50 come along with new rules, tips and shopping or throw-away lists, will I be allowed to wear my clothes for only 10 years before they and I reach the expiration date? Will my human value decrease if I do not dress according to the look magazines assign to my age? If that’s really the case for someone, I’ll put him or her with the mullet very deep into the “Don’t play with me anymore” box.

sommerhemd kurzarmhemd gentlemens journey

According to age? The main thing for me is appealing!

What counts is inside

With every birthday you should also have matured a step personally. But whether it’s a turtleneck or a soccer jersey, that doesn’t change our 30+ character. And for me that is the more important thing. What you put on and wear, you should feel and be left to yourself. After all, what good is a pinstripe suit, business shirt, three-day beard, brand-name watch and made-to-measure shoes if I behave like a small child?


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