Cool kitchen items

Cool kitchen items

Eating is fun. So is cooking – especially if you have the right tools and utensils at hand. Like these kitchen accessories for gourmet beginners. Washed with all the knives, fully on the pan and with spices that you can taste. After all, the eye eats with you.

From knife to spice: kitchen items and accessories for gentlemen

Glasses set for minimalists

Aarke Glassware
© Aarke

There are simply a few basics that you have to have in your kitchen, especially with an affinity for the home bar. Anyone who enjoys the conscious enjoyment of wine should therefore not only own an appropriate glass that shows off the wine to its best advantage, but also a small team of stylish water glasses. For the sake of hospitality alone and for quick refreshment in between, before it’s time to go on another wine world tour on a stick.

Very flirted with me in this matter have the glass companions from the Swedish design company Aarke. The Nesting glasses come as a set of 4 and are made of thin crystal glass. They are all a different size, but the same 29cl volume – individual yet uniform. This makes them easy to stack inside each other and find a place anywhere. The matching Nesting carafe holds 1.1 liters. The carafe is also made of crystal glass and includes a Mixing Spoon, which is made of stainless steel perfect for preparing cocktails and mocktails. All products are dishwasher safe.

Aarke Glassware

Smart: The nesting jars are all a different size, but the same volume – so they are easy to stack inside each other.

Aarke Glassware

With the design of Aarke glasses, even water in a glass becomes sexy.

Aarke glasses set, Price: starting at 45 Euros, more infos via

Statement plate for Shovelers

zassenhaus steakteller servierteller worker
© Zassenhaus

You can now shovel food literally. With these kitchen accessories, you no longer have to worry about stylish implementation. How cool are these plates from Zassenhaus’ WORKER series? The rustic steak and serving plates in shovel shape are definitely an eye-catcher and definitely something different.

zassenhaus steakteller servierteller worker

Mega: Kitchen accessory specialist Zassenhaus once looked outside the box and designed ceramic in the shape of a shovel.

zassenhaus steakteller servierteller worker
© Zassenhaus

zassenhaus steakteller servierteller worker

So you can also interpret handicraft kitchen work.

Made of ovenproof ceramic, the plates are easy to use in the oven or grill with indirect heat. The two serving shovels are available in square or round versions and in two different sizes. The smaller models measure 25 x 18 cm and are 5 cm high (cost: 19.95 €). The larger versions measure 30 x 22 cm and are 6 cm high (price: 23.95 €). So you will be happy to take the cooking into your own hands. I celebrate it absolutely! The plates are available from all Zassenhaus partners and soon available in the online store via

Multi talent for cheese

Those who know me know I have a slight, easy knack for wine. It comes pretty good if you add a carafe of cheese. Where you do that is actually a minor matter, it has to taste good. But what if you’re on away game, just don’t want to get the cheese on the pitch properly and neither home team nor guest have an adequate knife at the start? If you ask ironically whether there is no Swiss Army knife with a hidden secret function, I can tell you with a serious smile: Now there is.

victorinox cheese master gentlemens journey wein accessoires
© Victorinox

Multi-tool specialist Victorinox, in cooperation with Switzerland Cheese Marketing AG, has sent the Cheese Master into the race for your kitchen seats. Included: blades for hard and soft cheese, a fondue fork, a bottle opener and a corkscrew. Simply nice, just as you think of wine emergencies. As a matter of course.

The blade for soft cheese has holes so that the cheese does not stick to the blade. With the two prongs at the end of the blade, the cheese can also be picked up. The serrated blade is suitable for hard cheese or bread, and with your own (fondue) fork you can (provided you have the rest of the ingredients and accessories) also make a cheese fondue.

victorinox cheese master gentlemens journey wein accessoires
© Victorinox

You can also change the compact cutting board with integrated butter knife. It combines board, plate and spreading tool in one practical set and is therefore a real match for every picnic and hike. The cutting board is made of environmentally friendly wood fiber material, is blade-friendly, heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe. It does not always have to be complicated.

victorinox cheese master gentlemens journey wein accessoires
© Victorinox

And now the important question: Where do I grab the duo and which replacement is in the room? The Cheese Master (Price: 49 Euro) is available at specialized trade or via same holds true for the Brotzeitbrett (Price: 27,50 Euro), via Shop

Dresscode herb garden for the home

I now spend more time in the kitchen voluntarily – and of course I’m not embarrassed by any smart helper. Before you want to try tomato mozzarella basil or a solid lamb carré with rosemary potatoes and have to rush to the supermarket, you can use WMF’s clean mini-garden to get the ingredients easily and practically yourself. A little green thumb is not wrong, of course, but don’t worry, the pots think along with you!

wmf ambient kräutergarten gentlemens journey küche küchenaccessoires

The mini herb gardens for the kitchen are equipped with an automatic irrigation system. The care is eady: plant the stainless steel pots with herbs such as basil, parsley and coriander and then place them in the plastic water tank. The plants are regularly supplied with water through a fiberglass wick, you don’t need to control the humidity of the soil.

wmf ambient kräutergarten gentlemens journey küche küchenaccessoires

The WMF Herb Garden is small, smart, fancy – and you have all important herbs for classic recipes at your disposal.

To refill with water, simply open the removable lid and pour. But stay relaxed: The tank is sufficient for several days. WMF Kräutergarten, 3- piece, Price: 55 Euro, via

Dresscode spices

© Soulspice bio gewuerze
© Soulspice

Well spiced and well done: With the Spice Girls from the assortment of the Berlin startup Soulspices, you can shake both out of the jar. And that’s really chick dressed in every variation. Beautiful pattern designs, elegant looks, and the inner values are also right.

soulspice bio gewuerze
© Soulspice

The label focuses on products directly from the farmer, regenerative agriculture, fair payment, social commitment and the highest organic quality. Spices like clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, vanilla, chili, cardamom or lemon grass are bought directly from farmers in Zanzibar, South India and Serbia. After the harvest, the delicious heaters are carefully dried in the sun, sorted by hand and after an initial quality control, they are sent directly to Germany where they are packed by hand. In addition, the cultivation of original varieties, which are much more flavorful, is encouraged. In the assortment you will find organic spices and organic teas, including blends for BBQ Rubs or Currys as well as for Chai-Teas. If you can’t make up your mind, simply try bundles of 6 different spices, such as the classic basket with fleur de sel, jungle pepper, sweet paprika, mild curry, nutmeg and hot chili. Uh, drop it like it’s hot.

Soul Spices Tasting package “classic collection” with 6 bio spices, Price: 38, 20 Euro, via

Vegetable knife with Swiss casualness

victorinox messer gentlemens journey küchen accessoires
© Victorinox

Fresh Prince of Bel kitchen: The “Fresh Energy” Special Edition of the Swiss Classic paring knife set not only has beautiful colors to offer, but also brings the necessary sharpness. The three practical knives are available in the trend colors mint, steel gray and cassis. Dishwasher safe, of course. A relaxed, precise and versatile Trio easy even for beginners. Unfortunately, you only have to cry yourself when cutting onions. 3 piece set by Victorinox, Price: 15,70 Euro, via

Seasoning deluxe

zassenhaus pfeffermühle
© Zassenhaus

Bring a little color into the kitchen cupboard: The pepper mills in Zassenhaus’ “Frankfurt” series are now available in neon yellow, neon orange and neon green. The junior seasoners (Ø 5.6 cm x 18 cm) are made of sturdy beech wood and are suitable for pepper and spices as well as dried herbs and salt. The desired degree of grinding can be easily adjusted in six stages from powder-fine (1) to coarsely ground (6) on the grinder – the selected degree is retained exactly even when refilling and can be read off the scale at any time.

Pepper mill “Frankfurt” in special coloring, Price: 34,95 Euro, via

Popcorn maker

wmf küchenminis popcorn maker

Even if you have to save space, this does not mean that you have to give up one or the other indulgence. So how about continuous streaming and a movie night at home with popcorn made one door further? The popcorn machine from the WMF series KÜCHENminis powers up the bowl in minutes and plays in the smallest of spaces. Nice idea!

WMF KÜCHENminis Popcorn Maker, Price: 69,99 Euro, via

Timing assistant

Zassenhaus timer

Even if, like me, you don’t have the greatest talent for cooking spoons in the kitchen – with the right plan, recipe and, above all, timing, a dish should succeed. To keep an eye on the cooking or baking times, kitschy plastic cooks with hats or other music boxes ring the bell. There is also a cooler way. The mechanical timers from Zassenhaus in retro-look do not require batteries (environmentally friendly, yes) and can be set for up to 55 minutes. After the time has expired, you hear a ringing and: good appetite. Optically, they are based on the American design of the 40s and 50s. The two timers “Streamline” (left) and “Aircraft” (right) can also be attached to the back of a refrigerator or extractor hood with a magnet.

The Timer (Price: 19,95 Euro each) are available in black and red via 

Iron wok

Heldbergs, Küchen-Accessoires für Männer, victorinox
© Heldbergs

I like Asian cuisine, and I like the fact that this universal kitchen item, which is predestined for these dishes, is made in England – as a gift. One of those kitchen accessories for men that simply looks good and delivers. Iron wok, Netherton Foundry, Preis: 59,90 Euro, über

Stainless steel pan

eva solo, Küchen-Accessoires für Männer, victorinox, wmf, wmf hello functionals
© Eva Solo

Basic equipment can also look classy. The label Eva Solo shows that Scandinavian design does not only work for furniture. A non-stick coating in the pan prevents dishes from burning and ensures that you can fry with little or no fat. Stainless steel pan by Eva Trio, Price: around 50 Euro, via

Design wine opener

© Rosendahl / Connox

Things should do more than you expect – this is the principle of my architecture and furniture – this is how the Danish architect and designer Eva Harlou describes her design. I agree with the lady – especially when everyday objects are packed as sexy as this wine ball from the Rosendahl label. Only when you open it does it show what it really contains: a wine accessory with corkscrew, foil cutter, bottle opener and bottle stopper. Weinkugel, Rosendahl, Preis: 48 Euro, via

Cutting board

© Zeller Present

On the knives, ready to go – but please keep order. Goes quite nice with this accessory. Simply pull the drip trays under the worktop over the rails and put the sliced food into the trays. Cutting board from Bambus, Price: 22 Euro, via

Carafe cleaner

© Amazon

Sometimes I think to myself: For this, somebody should actually invent something. Only to stumble over it while surfing through Amazon. How do you clean wine carafes or shisha’s from the inside without shrinking your hands 20 sizes smaller? With this nice tool here. It’s like a turn and clean rag thing. Just place it in the glass and pretend you want to start a fire in an oldschool way: turn it between both hands. Smart, isn’t it? Carafe cleaner, Price: 18,90, via

Multi talent grater

Küchen-Accessoires für Männer, victorinox, wmf, wmf hello functionals

Potatoes, fruit, cheese, whatever, the grater from WMF’s Hello FUNctionals series is not only sharp but also works clean. The material to be sliced collects in the integrated collecting container. Four grating surfaces grate and plane from fine to coarse. One of these kitchen accessories for men that you can always use. WMF Hello Functionals Grater, Price: 30 Euro, via

victorinox messer gentlemens journey küchen accessoires

Steak knives

Küchen-Accessoires für Männer, victorinox

Goes through the meat like a Pat Mahomes’ pass through the opposing defense. Only with Swiss precision. Behind the kitchen gadget is the famous Victorinox penknife label, which also cuts stylishly in the kitchen.Rosewood Steak knives Set, 2piece, Price: 63 Euro, via

Super Bowl spices

Küchen-Accessoires für Männer, victorinox, ankerkraut
© Ankerkraut

Super Bowl, Tampa. The date is already marked in the calendar, and nutritional intentions back and forth, on this day you can really enjoy meat. And because not only the game should offer a lot of fire, the team of spice specialists at Ankerkraut thought: Let’s take this into our own hands. Therefore available in the Food Draft: A Super Bowl set for seasoning, consisting of Magic Dust in the shaker, Bombay Chicken in the shaker, Texas Chicken in the shaker, Sour Cream in the cork jar, Tzatziki in the cork jar, Patatas Bravas in the cork jar. Runs. Super Bowl spices, Prices: 29,99 Euro, via

Spice shakers

menu, Küchen-Accessoires für Männer, victorinox
© Menu

Who says that basics have to be boring? Salt and pepper can also be served fancy. Okay, the price is a little higher, but the two kitchen accessories for men are a great decoration. Spice shaker by Menu, Price: 42 Euro, via

Knive block

Material Kitchen fundamental set, xmas-geschenke für männer, gentlemens journey
© Material Kitchen

My kitchen, my food, my block: Because the eye not only eats, but also cooks. The design item contains the seven most important kitchen gadgets made of high-tech materials. Price: 148 Euro, via

Kettle for Slow Coffee

fellow stagg, menu, Küchen-Accessoires für Männer, victorinox
© Fellow Stagg

Sure, this thing is also available in cheaper versions. But it’s like FIFA: You want to have the real Ronaldo or Messi in your team, and not a 2b-version. And it’s hard to make nice coffee. The design jewel made of matt stainless steel holds one liter, a thermometer is of course included, and precise pouring into the brewer is also guaranteed. Fellow Stagg kettle, Price: 83 Euro, via


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