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Where better to take your inner culinary Indiana Jones on a food and wine adventure than in a city like Paris? A first date with the metropolis on the Seine has been on my bucket list for a long time – read here how it tasted and where I discovered appetizing treasures on my journey.

Sending my curious food and wine quirk on a pleasure hike in Paris had been on the bucket list for a long time. How did the practice go? It went enormously tasty, and not only did the stand-up discoveries have a run, thanks to the sprawling metro area and co you also collect so some kilometers on your Journey. The pedometer on the cell phone shot up like a trampoline jumper on a farewell tour – but that was good in itself. So one has outward appetite angenusswandert, and back immediately the digestive walk served free of charge.

In four days you see only a fraction anyway, but what I was able to experience on this Journey, the city uncorked in the heart. Architecture, vibes, but above all newly discovered dishes that I could never imagine trying before. The city showed me: You can burst with curiosity – or because you weaken again at the appetizing serve à la Paris Food. But as the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – especially in the city of love. That’s why I’ve written down all the discoveries we made on the premiere journey in Paris.

Café Madeleine

Paris, Cafe Madeleine

Paris vibes from the wrist: the Cafe Madeleine.

A classy location for the start of the day: Café Madeleine, directly at the Place de la Madeleine, vis-a-vis the impressive church. However, rather something for a one-day stand. The very elegant café with interior design in black, red and white, including lamps in the 60s vibe and many, many mirrors makes a bit of a fling – comes at a high cost. But of course, you pay for the location – and simply an excellent service. There are various breakfast offers, such as EXPRESS from hot drink (coffee, tea, chocolate) with croissant and slice of bread with butter and jam for 11 euros, FRANÇAIS from hot drink (coffee, tea, chocolate) with croissant and slice of bread with butter and jam, pressed fruit juice for 16.50 euros or also AMÉRICAIN from hot drink (coffee, tea, chocolate) with croissant and slice of bread with butter and jam, pressed fruit juice, bagel (Norwegian smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, chive cream) for 27.50 euros. To this you sit and just enjoy the view and the people. For a breakfast with croissant and coffee for four you pay here as much as elsewhere for lunch, but the location is worth the experience.

Café du Méxique

A walk with Eiffel Tower view: relaxed possible from the outdoor area of Café du Mexique.

Paris, Paris food, cafe du mexique paris

After all, I love unexpected discoveries, we taste them especially well. Such a charming case was this Café du Mexique. Actually, the plan: to look at the Eiffel Tower – that’s pretty good right near the metro station Trocadéro. If you then walk from the star-shaped streets departing from the square, far away from the tourist cafes, you end up in this case at the super charming Place de México, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. There you can admire classy house facades, envious balconies, and one or the other street style. The small Café du Mexique is very charming.

Paris, Paris food, cafe du mexique paris

Hearty: Croque Monsieur and crêpes with chocolate.

Checking out and Chardonnay: a fluid running combination.

Paris, Paris food, cafe du mexique paris

Both indoors and on the beautiful terrace directly on the traffic circle, which, however, is quite relaxed. For the relaxed Chardonnay or Aperol, there is a hearty tasty Croque Monsiuer with truffle Gouda and an absolutely not healthy Crêpe with chocolate from 12. Small sides like marinated olives are served separately. Unpretentious but tasty French dishes in fair portions. Time stands still here, you take a sip, breathe in the city – and order another glass of wine. Sightseeing can be so easy. 


Paris, Hippopotamus Restaurant

The evening atmosphere in Paris makes you hungry.

After arriving after a delayed flight, it was already dark on the day of arrival when we could finally start our first steps through Paris. So the whim was to just tackle an accessible first quick food adventure late at night, where you can also be relaxed casual. My uncle knew the steakhouse chain Hippopotamus (Hippo) from his time in Paris, and an offshoot was right near our Airbnb. One thing right away: Yes, it is a restaurant chain, but far from standard in the good sense. This place is all about grill art, and the grill artists in the kitchen are decently let off the leash. The menu is large, so you have to make up your mind first.

Tender, and available in both appetizer and main course portions: the carpaccio.

Paris, Hippopotamus Restaurant

There are various steak and meat variations (entrecote, flank steak, filet), you always choose your desired degree of cooking, plus a side dish such as fries, baked potato and Co. from, and also from a variety of sauces – Bernaise, pepper, chimmichurri, BBQ … very cool. Burgers, of course, are also at the start.

Paris, Hippopotamus Restaurant

Meat & Greet in duet: BBQ-style ribs and chicken thighs were as crunchy as they were tasty.

In addition, but also different plates to share in the offer, or mix & match like my duet of BBQ ribs and chicken thighs. Both grilled to perfection and really juicy. A nice chilled Brouilly red wine to go with it – and that’s how relaxed Paris can be when it comes to saying culinary bonjour.

Le Relais de l’Entrecote

Paris, Le Relais de l'Entrecote

Food alert level red: Even the awnings in signal color whet the appetite.

The minutes of calm before the storm. One could also imagine the pictures in front of the restaurant as oil paintings. Hectic waitress and cook, briefly checking the news, immortalized in brushstrokes. Knowing that soon jubilation, hullabaloo and merriment will begin in wind force 10. At 12 o’clock opens the Le Relais de l‘Entrecôte, a Parisian institution, its doors. Reserve? Not possible. When we arrive in front of it at 11:40, the line of waiting guests already stretches around the street block. And it continues to grow. A rush for reasons. The concept is simple: There is only one dish.

Three ingredients, one iconic dish: meat, fries and the homemade sauce at Le Relais de l’Entrecote.

Paris, Le Relais de l'Entrecote

For decades, the “Relais de l’Entrecôte” has owed its reputation to a unique recipe: a green leaf salad with walnuts, followed by an extra tender, tasty contre fillet with the house’s famous green sauce. You have to decide exactly once: the cooking level. Accompanied by wafer-thin fries, and all garnished with this mesmerizing signature sauce made to a secret recipe. At the end of the menu, you’ll have a wide selection of traditional French desserts to choose from. Recommended: the Profiterol – but they really require stamina from the stomach. To be honest: The meat is tasty, but on a solid level, here it’s also about the vibe itself. Nevertheless: a lineup that is worth the experience. Magnifique!

Galeries Lafayette

Not a restaurant, brasserie or café per se, but an appetizing adventure playground in itself is the Galeries Lafayette shopping palace with its delicatessen section with wines, French delicacies, countless stands to sample directly and simply those uniquely culinary vibes. The most tasteful highlight is hidden at the top.

Hats off Paris, what a perspective!

What a cinematic view! The fact that this view over Paris doesn’t cost an entrance fee is almost funny considering all the luxury goods on offer on the eight floors below. But if you keep your eyes away from price tags and go all the way to the top at Galeries Lafayette, you’ll experience this perspective punchline that’s no joke. Condition recommendable, the only elevator is always full like a sardine can. Admission free, experience: priceless. And the hat did not take off despite capricious winds. First thought then: Up here one would have had to smuggle a wine with, with affordable drinks is not to be reckoned according to the location above namely.

Appetizing views of Paris can be enjoyed from the roof terrace of Galeries Lafayette.

Chez Paul

Paris, Chez Paul restaurant

Streetstyle. Chez Paul offers traditional French cuisine in a charmingly intimate atmosphere.

Move in together! Now departure for a Paris Food Journey in the classic ambience at Chez Paul. The small restaurant near the Bastille metro station has seen a lot in its lifetime. And you can feel the history. At the latest, when the quaint telephone with its dial rings piercingly.

Paris food vibes out of a picture book. What stories could the furniture at Chez Paul tell?

Paris, Chez Paul restaurant

It’s fair to say that when it came to table Tetris in the room, the hosts gave it their all and filled the space as best they could. But that’s just Parisian style, and it’s an experience you’re happy to take with you. French specialties such as terrine, steak tartare, foie gras and the like are served. Handmade, pure, aromatic, in extremely generous portions, where the price-performance medal is won in passing. Getting full is no problem here – and in the really tasty way.

Paris, Chez Paul restaurant

The steak tartare portion at Chez Paul invites you to a finely seasoned meat summit.

Le Ballon de Ternes

First Paris Metro, then Paris Food: a pattern is discernible here.

Paris, Paris metro, Paris Style

Even though Ballon des Ternes has the floating airliner in its name, the Parisian restaurant near the Bastille metro station is by no means out of the air. Yes. At first glance, of course, it may seem very elegant, very classy, very chic. But as soon as you are greeted at the place by the relaxed waiters, you know: You can go on an equally relaxed pleasure journey here. You won’t see any models here who live on a third of a folded lettuce leaf a day.

Paris, Le Ballon des Ternes

Tomatoes in the old way – or simply old tomato varieties with burrata, pure, tasty, simply brilliant.

At Le Ballon des Ternes you feel invited to go on a French gourmet tour. Seafood platters are as common as the half chicken at the Oktoberfest. The old tomato varieties with burrata: pure, sour-sweet, tasty. The oysters: fresh as a sea breeze ear fig. The thyme chicken with garlic: more tender than any Milka. The prices are reasonable, ultra-fair, and really affordable if you’re in the mood for conscious indulgence. The only question is: Can you make it to the tempting desserts? I spoil: It will be very, very tricky, but it’s worth it. And I don’t have to mention that the wines there flirt animatingly.

Paris Food Vibes: Normandy oysters with terrific vinaigrette in the Ballon des Ternes.

Paris, Le Ballon des Ternes

Paris, Le Ballon des Ternes

Juicy, fine, aromatic: the dish of the day thyme chicken with garlic.

Brasserie Bofinger

Probably one of the coolest and most charming brasseries in Paris: Bofinger.

In this location – subsequently considered my absolute highlight of the Paris trip – I wanted to let my culinary Indiana Jones times really off the leash. If not previously unknown or discreetly intimidating things to try than in one of the probably coolest and most charming Brasserien in Paris. The Belle Epoque interior architecture of Brasserie Bofinger on Place de la Bastille alone is appetizingly deluxe. Under the imposing dome, you could shoot both cool agent movies and unkitschy romantic comedies.

Paris, brasserie bofinger, paris food

One would like to take one’s hat off to the dome architecture.

Paris Food Style: The architecture at Brasserie Bofinger puts indulgence in the right light.

Paris, brasserie bofinger, paris food

The menu includes numerous sauerkraut variations, Alsatian chourcroutte, and seafood plateaus in various sizes and combinations. Paris Food at its best! Before I butchered myself such a plate, I first went on the adventure first oyster and first snails. The latter had inhaled so much garlic and butter that it was easy to turn off the head, but once is enough. The ultra-fresh oysters with vinaigrette, however, whispered smugly in my ear at the first tasting: There goes sea from now on!

Paris, brasserie bofinger, paris food

The seafood platter at Bofinger is pure taste adventure.

A little task to chew, but the snails in a truckload of herbs, garlic and butter is something you should try.

Paris, brasserie bofinger, paris food

Paris, brasserie bofinger, paris food

Easily enough for a small family: the chourcroutte, an Alsatian specialty with terrific sauerkraut and the best-of from the butcher.

logo that the wine list is also correspondingly broad and invites you to go on French wine adventures. We were served a crispy Pouilly-Fuissé and a nicely chilled Brouilly red wine: Paris, you are costing my food journey budget dearly. But the experiences were priceless.


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