1001 Steilas Suite at Adula Hotel, Flims: Couple Bubble Dreams under the stars

Adula hotel steilas suite 1001

Who invented it? Switzerland. You don’t have to fly halfway around the world to enjoy an extraordinary vacation. The Adula Hotel in Flims had an idea as smart as it is charming that immediately flirts its way onto any travel bucket list: Deluxe glamping in a bubble including a Jacuzzi, on a terrace with an unobstructed view of the stars. This is called 1001 Steilas Suite and looks like this – check!

Small idea, big effect

When it comes to travel, I always prefer the anonymous huge hotel bunkers to the smaller, if possible owner-managed hotels, where I firstly hardly have to worry about getting lost, but you just always get an idea of what the hosts want to stand for with their vision, you can also talk to them, and then tell these stories here on the blog. When I stumbled across this new accommodation idea, I really had to give a standing ovation inside. I like it when new things are tried out, when crazier ideas are implemented, and when it becomes as smart as charming as the 1001 Steilas Suite at the Adula Hotel in Switzerland, then it tickles my bucket list.

Adula hotel flims steilas suite 1001

View of the Adula Hotel in Flims Laax. Alpine architectural style meets mountain panorama – nothing unusual so far, right?

Adula hotel steilas suite 1001

In addition, the hotel has a terrace in the annex. Alpine architectural style, mountain view, so far nothing unusual, right?

Adula hotel steilas suite 1001

But with snow around it, and so much space: couldn’t you make something cool out of it?

Chill with a view: 1001 Steilas Suite at Adula Hotel

Yes, you can make something out of such a supposedly simple terrace, the team at the Adula Hotel thought, and transformed the space into a suite. But not an ordinary one: On the former terrace you can now find a place for deluxe glamping. Sleeping in a transparent heated bubble, 360-degree starry view just for yourself. Because you book the 1001 Steilas Suite privately – so it’s just yours. It’s a uniquely couples’ place, and Instagram-ready anyway. Want a sneak peek – or a view?

Adula hotel steilas suite 1001
© Hotel Adula, Dani Ammann

Jacuzzi is also available? Yes, you have seen correctly. Despite the extraordinary outdoor experience, you don’t have to do without comfort. The unusual suite in the Hotel Adula offers a heated bubble tent with luxurious elite bed, small lounge area, a wood heated hot tub by Skargards, electric blanket and additionally a 22m2 vintage room next door (for shower & toilet & also bed) with balcony and sitting area.

Adula hotel steilas suite 1001

Cozy and unique: the sleeping experience in the 1001 Steilas Suite.

Adula hotel steilas suite 1001

Lounge furniture meets Jacuzzi and of course: the panoramic views.

Adula hotel steilas suite 1001
© Hotel Adula, Dani Amman

1001 Steilas Suite at Adula Hotel Flims

Curious and in the mood for a smart and charming vacation experience? The 1001 Steilas Suite is bookable from 640 Swiss francs for 2 persons incl. breakfast, more info at adula.ch/steilas-suite


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