Christmas calendar – wine edition deluxe

trinkreif, adventskalender

24 times of surprising fun by the glass? This is no Christmas fairy tale – the team at Austrian wine retailer Trinkreif has come up with an Advent calendar deluxe for wine fans. Which, of course, fishes on a different shelf in terms of price than its counterpart with chocolate. What does the Trinkreif wine Advent calendar look like in detail? So!

Unpacking, opening doors – all terms that are synonymous with opening. And opening something behind which something exciting and cool is lurking is really fun, especially at Christmas time. There’s another expression that comes to mind that also opens something – and gives you fun in the best sense of the word: uncorking. And what could be more fitting for a winter Advent experience than one that combines all the joys of opening and uncorking? Exactly. But such an Advent calendar with knocker-sized wine bottles is, after all, kindergarten – or so the thought must have felt to the team at Austrian wine retailer Trinkreif. Because they have as also with the firm philosophy no Bock on half things. There only final stage comes into the bottle. Result: A wine Advent calendar, which flirts me from zero to one hundred and violently dreaming. Unfortunately, only dream. Because – clearly, quality should always be appreciated and paid for in the price – but for beginners, the liquid adventure toy might be a tad too high on the shelf.

Trinkreif or: Absolute sensation for wine

Briefly back to the DJs of the vine soundtrack in 24 surprise hits. Wine is for the two Upper Austrians Clemens Riedl and Markus Inzinger the most beautiful secondary matter in the world. At some point, they wanted to share their private love for mature wines that are ready to drink with their friends and friends of friends. In 2015, they founded the wine trading company Trinkreif from this idea and thus turned their hobby into a profession. “We regret that great wines are usually drunk far too early. From the point of view of winemakers and restaurateurs, it is understandable that often the necessary financial or spatial possibilities are not available to store wines for years. However, it is important to us that consumers have the opportunity to drink wines when they provide optimal drinking pleasure. When they are ready to drink,” says Riedl, explaining the founding initiative.

The team usually has about 25,000 bottles of carefully selected wines, most of them ready to drink, stored in a climate-controlled wine cellar. Since mature wines are not available in large quantities, the assortment is constantly in motion. Most of the wines in the assortment are grown in France and Austria. Followed by Italy, USA, Spain and increasingly from Germany. Among them such famous wineries as the extremely sought-after French wines Château Petrus and Domaine Romanée-Conti from France or the internationally acclaimed Austrian producer from California: Sine Qua Non. The oldest bottle currently stored in the cellar dates back to 1893, with the most expensive bottle currently being a Romanee Conti Grand Cru from the famous Domaine Romane Conti.

trinkreif, adventskalender

What does the Trinkreif Wine Advent Calendar consist of?

  • 24 selected bottles of wine for 1 to 24 December
  • special bottles for Sundays and Christmas
  • each bottle is wrapped in a numbered cotton cloth bag
  • practical reuse e.g. for blind tastings
  • small calendar for personal tasting notes

The highlight: The contents of the individual variants are deliberately not revealed, so that it really remains a surprise in the case of gifts. However, the manufacturer will be happy to provide details of the exact contents on request.

The unique Trinkreif wine Advent calendar is available in these versions:


The Spruce is the smart version of the Trinkreif wine Advent calendar and contains 24 selected bottles mainly from Austria, France and Germany. Price:(1250,- Euro)


The fir is the premium version of the Trinkreif wine Advent calendar and contains as well 24 selected bottles from Austria, France, Germany and the USA with some extra highlights. Price: (1750,- Euro)


This exclusive variant of the Trinkreif wine Advent calendar contains 24 selected bottles from Austria, France, Italy, USA and Germany with a variety of drinkable highlights. Price:(2100,- Euro)


Yes, it can be even more luxurious. The unicorn among the Trinkreif wine advent calendars is peppered with 24 rarities from the Trinkreif treasury from the best wine regions of the world and is only available once. Price: (4500,- Euro)

trinkreif, adventskalender

The brains behind the uniqueness wine advent calendar: Clemens Riedl & Markus Inzinger

trinkreif, adventskalender

Looking at the Trinkreif headquarters, you can guess what exciting wine adventures are waiting there in the 24 little bags.

The Trinkreif wine advent calendar: the info

You have still found food in the piggy bank and are curious about the 24 high-quality bottle surprises to unpack and taste? The prices for the different versions of the Trinkreif Wine Advent Calendar start at 1250 euros. The delivery of the Trinkreif wine Advent calendar takes place within Austria and Germany in two 12er dispatch cardboard boxes. Orders can be placed via More infos via


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