Dream bay holidays at Daios Cove Hotel

Dream bay holidays at Daios Cove Hotel

After a visit to Daios Cove in Crete, you will understand why so many soccer players are staying there. I was once allowed to feel like one for three days. And I want to go back every summer.

Daios Cove or: Baby, came back!

Es gibt nicht viele, aber es gibt sie: Hotels, bei denen man schon bei der Ankunft, noch vor dem Check-in, weiß: Hierhin muss ich zurück. Asap. Und am besten alle Freunde einpacken. Das „Daios Cove“ auf Kreta ist so eines. Wie ein natürliches Kolosseum liegt es in einer Privatbucht nahe Agios Nikolaos im Nordosten der griechischen Insel.

© Daios Cove

Prospect of relaxation

In the Design Resort, you actually have to decide exactly twice. In the choice of accommodation – 300 rooms, suites and villas are available (165 of which have a private seawater pool), and in the question: where is the best place to enjoy the view of the hidden bay? Thanks to the terraced design of the luxury complex, opened in 2010, panoramic sea views can be enjoyed from all rooms, as well as from the restaurants, the spa and the winding alleys. The team used the Corona period to completely redesign the main pool area. Result: deluxe design lounge feeling.

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However, Daios Cove never seems to be overcrowded at any time. Between the winding paths and stairs you always have time and peace for yourself, even on the fine sandy beach – a combination that attracts many Bundesliga professionals. Yann Sommer from Gladbach was already there, and I was told that German national players from Schalke or the FC Bayern have also checked in here. What do the players appreciate about the hotel? I wanted to know, and for three days I was allowed to feel like a sports star with a wrinkle-free account. And that’s how it feels.

Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas
© Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas

12 p.m: Check-in

It is a good 50 minutes drive from Heraklion airport, with the Greek instrumental music of my shuttle driver it feels like two hours. On arrival, the hotel itself is not recognizable as such. Only a small reception cottage made of stones and glass typical for the country, surrounded by water surfaces, stands out. At first glance, the entrance of Daios Cove looks more like the entrance to the headquarters of a Bond villain.

From a likewise glazed viewing platform, the elevator takes you one floor below. Where 007 might meet his opponent for a welcome drink, guests complete the check-in – and from the terrace of the Crystal Box Bar they can enjoy the view of the glittering sea and the hotel complex, which nestles floor by floor against the slope of the bay. Who needs a reception desk?

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In the main building, the differences in height are easily overcome by means of elevators – the restaurants below and the rooms, suites and villas above are reached by two cable cars specially developed for the hotel. Two gondolas connect the beach and the lobby, another gondola takes us up the slope to level 7 – in the Daios Cove Colosseum this would probably be the category lodge.

IMG_4990 Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas
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Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas
© Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas

Check-in Deluxe: THE MANSION

Those who like it really private, and want to be so wishfully happy that even the enchanting Jeanie can’t help anymore, check in at Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas in the luxury villa “The Mansion” to feel like a real soccer player at vacation.

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20 p.m: DINNER @ „TAVERNA“

Greek wine is available in all restaurants, by the way, I promise. If you want to eat typical Greek food, make a reservation at the “Taverna”, one of the two Á-la-carte restaurants. Climbing plants hang up the wooden columns of the terrace roof, the sea rustles under the stone parapet.

Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas

On the plate comes magnificent monkfish with olive oil and grilled vegetables, Greek salad, baked cheese and squid rings. Just like the ouzo afterwards, which is lightly flavored with olive oil, all dishes will unfortunately never taste the same again as in this atmosphere. But that is what luxury is all about: Moments that remain in memory.



Mallorca? Ibiza? Las Vegas? Crete today! For the end of the evening, we’re going up two floors to the Crystal Box. Instead of check-in, the program now includes an Ibiza feeling with a DJ: wood, white cushions, and through the glazed railing the view falls on the countless lights along the bay. On the menu: all important drinks, plus own creations, and what is not on the menu is made easy.


9.30 a.m: BREAKFAST

For guests of the villas and suites, an exclusive breakfast is served in the Ocean Bar from 8.30 am to 10.30 am (the regular buffet takes place in the Restaurant Pangea). Sleeping a bit longer is also possible during your vacation.

With a view of the infinity pool and the bright blue of the bay, you can get into the right mood for the day with a rich selection of delicacies. Egg dishes are prepared as desired and with individually selected ingredients.


11.30 a.m: TENSION

Over winding stairs and paths it goes down to the beach – there you can sunbathe, swim or do water sports, surrounded by steep cliffs. Canoeing, stand-up paddling or catamaran trips are available – but I don’t have to think about it for long: Hello, Jetski. We have a date. Full throttle rides across the bay are an excellent way to relax.

14.00 p.m: RELAXING

Those who do not like jet skis can of course relax in the 2,500 square meter spa. The wellness center includes two exclusive spa suites, a Finnish sauna and a studio for water and Thai massage. I leave the choice of treatment to chance – the imaginary lottery drum pulls the two-hour “Anti-stress Face and Body Experience”. Translated: Relax in two half times. First back and neck massage, then face mask and massage before the highlight of the treatment is the shock pampering with crushed ice. Sounds a bit like getting used to, but is an excellent way to switch off. It is not called vacation for nothing.

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© Daios Cove


This Hunger again. The island cable car takes you down to the second á la carte restaurant. The way is still known from breakfast. The view to the infinity pool and the bay as well. Here you will be served upscale Mediterranean cuisine. Because it’s hard to decide, just copy our tactics: try several dishes and share them. Whether the evening ends at the Oyster Box or at your own pool – up to you!



  • These views. The silver blue sparkling water.
  • The discreet luxury. Not superimposed, not ostentatious. The same applies to the service.
  • My favorite place, the Chrystal Box. Ibiza flair, good drinks (if you can’t find your favorite on the menu, just ask, and they will be prepared as you wish), a DJ in the evening, the sound of the sea, and addictive wasabi snacks.
  • The winding architecture integrated into nature
  • Freshly caught fish in the taverna, served with some fried vegetables and olive oil
  • The orange cake at the Taverna
  • The ouzo with a dash of olive oil. Never again tastes as great as on the terrace of the taverna, lined with climbing plants.
  • The Greek salads (in all restaurants)
  • The beds. World-class sleep can be had on the mattresses from the manufacturer CoCo-Mat
  • The space available. In all rooms (from 42 square meters), villas and suites is more than enough space.


  • The hotel requires a certain budget – but is worth every saved Euro.
  • The hotel is located 66 kilometers from Heraklion Airport and 75 kilometers from the sea port. The Daios Cove offers a transfer service for guests. The small towns of Agios Nikolaos and Elounda are only a short drive away.
  • The terraced hotel is angled and spread over several floors. It is charming, but requires a day to get oriented. Afterwards, however, one quickly feels at home and finds the way home even at night. There are also shuttle-buggies available for all cases.
  • wo gondolas connect the individual floors. Depending on where the cabin is located, you should allow some time. An average ride from level seven down to the main building with waiting took between six and ten minutes. From the main building down to the infinity pool (from there stairs lead to the beach) between two and four minutes.
  • On this vacation, guests will have to climb one or two stairs. For this you will always be rewarded with brilliant views of the bay when looking around.
  • For dinner all restaurants ask for chic casual wear, for the men “Smart Casual” with long trousers. Reservations are required for all á la carte restaurants – just contact the reception or the concierge.

Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas

daios cove hotel kreta hotel tipp

View to the water villas directly at the bay. Doesn’t it make you want to go far away?


Early bird action: Who books until 31 October 2020, saves up to 30 per cent and can about 3 nights with half board for 760 euro stay over, 5 nights there are with half board for two persons starting from 1340 euro. That is more than fair. And: The hotel always has special offers that include half board or airport transfer – just check the homepage regularly via www.daioscove.com  .

Direct flights with Aegean Airlines during the summer season to Heraklion from Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart. Prices for return tickets start from around 250 euros including taxes. More under:www.aegeanair.com


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