Wine buying list: secret wine tips to taste in 2021

Wine buying list: secret wine tips to taste in 2021

My interpretation of good intentions? Try these secret wine tips. From white wine to red wine to sparkling wine: fairly affordable and exciting fruit salads from cool winegrowers from Germany, Italy or the USA, which you should try in 2021.

das weinheim münchen weinkaufsliste gentlemens journey

How we can and may travel next year is still written in the stars. One thing is certain for me, that the glass (click: the coolest wine glasses in the world) should always be half full. And that’s why there’s nothing more obvious than curing wanderlust and taking a little pleasure hike home. As a message in a bottle. That’s why I’ve put together my own personal wine bucket list, with wines that I’ve personally enjoyed and that I can recommend to try next year – as a single person, with friends, or over a late cake with grandma. So: Packing taste cases, we travel all over Germany, Tuscany, visit Argentina or the USA, discover great white wines, red wines and yes, even high-quality sparkling wine. Everything with a fair price/performance ratio, from the easy entry fun maker for the Buddy evening to the noble wooden barrel fruit salad for very special moments.

Gentlemens Journey arosea life balance hotel wein

Winetime. This list should inspire you to discover wine. And I promise: All wines taste great even without a place at the fireplace.

Secret wine tip 1:

Sektkellerei Ohlig Hattenheimer Hassel Rheingau Riesling (Germany)

One of the first resolutions for the new year: To try a good sparkling wine again and then together with mom and grandma, they are the best tasting companions and are happy about new insider tips. Sekt always means to take your time while enjoying it – okay, not as long as it took to produce this Riesling sparkling wine, but already enough to do what should be fashionable again in the generation of relationship-impaired people: to get involved. In the Rüdesheimer Sektkellerei Ohlig they focus on long-term relationships. The love for sparkling wine began in 1919 and has been passed on in the family winery ever since. This already in the fourth generation. Just like champagne, sparkling wine is associated with the celebration of special moments in everyday life. But as already mentioned for the Riesling above: not all sparkling wines are the same. And those who have had a bad start in their relationship with the gifts that are usually fished out of the lower supermarket shelves and then gladly served with cake at grandma’s house, should have the courage to try something custom-made.

Prickly taste in the aroma zig-zag: the Hattenheimer Hassel from the sparkling wine cellar Sektkellerei Ohlig.

The sparkling fruit salads, such as the Hattenheimer Hassel Riesling Sparkling Wine from the Rheingau, produced in tank fermentation (no difference to the classic glass fermentation, it just depends on the basic ingredients, i.e. marry the selected base wines, as with character), are stored for at least six months in the vaulted cellar on the yeast (it has been on the yeast for longer, but not in the bottle), during which time the sparkling wine is created and matures in the tank. Then it is filled into the bottle and matures since then until it is allowed to make you and your drinking partners happy.

sektkellerei ohlig weinkaufsliste weinachtskalender
© Marco_Palmer_Photography

The outfit of the bottle with the stylized envelope is elegant understatement for me, but also shows the love for detail. It doesn’t always have to be the colorful blend artwork that attracts attention, only to quickly fizzle out at the contents. But this Extra Dry Sparkling Wine is not intended to do that. For years it has been my tradition to bring a bottle of wine or champagne every time I visit my mom or grandma. And I’m happy when the reaction is always the same. Wow, this is delicious, what is it? And boy, why did you only bring one bottle? The sparkling wine here is just made for these meetings – also because it is as multi-layered as a cake from a manufacturer. There’s just tingly and tingly. The sparkling wine sparkles in your mouth like crackling pearls and tastes like a fluffy apple and pear cake. You notice with the first sip that there really is character behind it. For this you invest a few euros more, but just leave out a fast food burger. And then you only have one luxury problem: You want to continue flirting on the taste level. But that’s fine, for the long term you can also have a claim.

Ohlig Hattenheimer Hassel, Price: 18,50 Euro, über

Secret wine tip 2:

David Klenert, Cuvée Rot (Baden)

Ein Wein von David Klenert muss auf diese Liste, ich kann euch die Obstsalate komplett von Rosé Secco bis Endstufe Rotwein Pango empfehlen. Den Anfang macht ein Geheimtipp, den man zum Abend mit Freunden weinschenken kann, der aber auch Menschen anspricht, die sich mit Rotwein vielleicht noch etwas schwer getan haben. Warum man die Cuvée Rot von David Klenert spätestens 2021 probieren sollte? Weil der Wein ist wie sein Winzer: Ein unkomplizierter, unterhaltsamer Spaßmacher, der keine Philosophiestunden geben oder 50 Aromen auf einer Strichliste abhaken will. Nicht zu schwer, aber auch kein Lauch, die Cuvée aus Dornfelder, Lemberger und Spätburgunder hat den richtigen Dresscode im Gepäck.

david klenert cuvée rot rotwein baden weinkaufsliste

A prime example of elegant simplicity: the Cuvée Rot by David Klenert.

I already introduced David Klenert to you in a portrait on the blog (click: here you can read the story 50 Shades of Fruit Salad), and I was also allowed to participate in his online wine tasting as a guest in Münzesheim. The story about the assisted drinking and especially the YouTube recording can be found here. The approximately two-hour online wine tasting with David is not only great entertainment. You order each of the six wines, which will be presented during the evening, he talks freely about the Baden snout and liver away from the different bottles and also answers with nonchalance every question you can send during the stream. Real wines simply need real types.

gentlemens journey david klenert online weinprobe grillen alex feldenguts
© Gentlemens Journey

I can recommend all wines to you. None of them costs more than 20 Euro, most of the fun makers are available for about 8 to 10 Euro in a glass. And they deliver more and more reliably than the post. The loess-clay soils on which the three varieties of the Cuvée Rot thrive give the wine a lot of fruit, a casual character, but it does like to roast in between – airs and graces are not invited. Served is a cuddly and casual basket of red fruits, cherry kisses blackberry, a little kiss spice, horny. So if you’re looking for a little starter heater for the colder days, take a closer look at this wine from David.

David Klenert, Cuvée Rot, Price: rund 9 Euro, über

Secret wine tip 3:

Martina Bernhard, Wolfsheimer Silvaner (Germany)

And yet another winemaker personality that I absolutely must introduce to you. I met Martina at an event of Generation Riesling two years ago. Together with her father Jörg, she has been managing the Bernhard Winery in Rheinhessen since 2015. I have seldom met someone who has lived so much for his job, someone who really feels what he is doing like the lively Martina. And the fruit salad whisperer is only 25.

martina bernhard wolfsheimer silvaner wein weingut gentlemens journey

White wine cuddling of the very best quality: The Wolfsheim Silvaner by Martina Bernhard.

If you have a penchant for honest, casual-fresh but crisp-entertaining white wines that deliver delicious performance at an extremely beginner-friendly price, I can only recommend your wines. Especially because Martina and her dad, despite the most modern technology and procedures, also give their intuition a lot of leeway. The Silvaner is allowed to ferment on the mash, the wine is left in the barrel for a long time and the spontaneous fermentation shows that nature knows its craft.

martina bernhard wein weingut gentlemens journey

The first wine by Martina Bernhard, which should be tasted no later than 2021, is the Wolfsheimer Silvaner. It is as carefree but at the same time self-confident as Martina. Just imagine you’re sitting at the edge of a small stream, the herb flower meadow around it has been freshly mowed, and then a small basket of apples, pears, elderberries and mangoes sails past. This Silvaner, which is grown on lime marl, reminds me of that, and has the typical herbal notes, but also a very easygoing acidity. Uncomplicated, yes, but also with the right pinch of Swag. In short: your white wine from Next Door, easy, cheeky, crisp – and as addictive as the Netflix hit “Money Heist”. You always want a direct sequel.

Weingut Bernhard, Wolfsheimer Silvaner, Price: 11 Euro, order via and get delivered.

Josephinenhütte by Kurt Josef Zalto weingläser

Secret wine tip 4:

Terre di San Leonardo, Weingut San Leonardo (Trentino, Italy)

This vineyard from southern Trentino has long been one of my absolute favorites. Whether red or white wine, the fruit salads of Tenuta San Leonardo simply put you in a good mood because they are elegantly cut like a good suit, but leave enough room for inner values and always show a casual side. I think this is important to be accessible for beginners. The rise to Champions League status came at the end of the 1960s, when Marchese Carlo Guerrieri Gonzaga took over the management of the family estate and planted the Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety as part of a modernization to existing Merlot and Carmenère vines. Today, the company is run by his son Anselmo Guerrieri Gonzaha with 300 hectares of land, including 30 hectares of organic vineyards. Among wine connoisseurs, the Tenuta San Leonardo winery is comparable to the best fashion designers in the country. And if you look at Anselmo Guerrieri Gonzaga, you immediately see: the winemaker has a knack for his wardrobe as well as for the wines he makes. The Terre di San Leonardo is the entrance to the tailor-made vine couture.

Anselmo Guerrieri Gonzaga san leonardo

You can open a barrel there. The Terre di San Leonardo is as elegantly casual as winemaker Anselmo Guerrieri Gonzaha (right)

terre de san leonardo gentlemens journey plattenhof

Fine but exhilarating: The red wine tastes like an evening at the pool under the Italian sun.

Why you should try this 2021 wine secret tip? Because it is a business class wine at a more than fair beginner’s price. Or in short: The Terre di San Leonardo is casually elegant like walking around in a linen suit in an Italian coastal town. How does it taste? Phew. Talking about feelings as a man: It’s okay, it’s just not always easy. But it’s okay if you have an open date like this bottle here. And if it smells nice and makes me smile – jackpot. Leaving the cork in would be a really bad decision for this charming talent from the Italian province of Trentino. The Terre from 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot and 10% Carmenère is the entry wine of the famous San Leonardo Winery. Especially the Ora (a south wind on Lake Garda, which flows through the valley of the Adige) provides warming breezes and contributes a share of the most exquisite grape material for the best fruit salad. Whoever wants to enjoy Italian flair without attitudes and with pure red fruit salad joie de vivre at a fair price: Please book the San Leonardo Terre Express. Two sips, nothing more – then check out the potential of this red wine. Fruity-elegant, without allures, at the parting the thing reminds of easily sour currant, and still for minutes. In addition: light spiciness, a little bit of plain taste, in short: a wine like a kiss that you don’t want to end.

Terre di San Leonardo 2016, Weingut San Leonardo, Price: 13 Euro, via

Wein-Geheimtipp 5:

Riesling Orbel Großes Gewächs, Weingut St. Antony (Germany)

The Weingut St. Antony from Rheinhessen is also one of the fruit salad dealers I absolutely celebrate. From their hands came one of the three best rosés I have ever tasted – the limited Love & Hope Rosé in the BANKSY Edition. The winery from Nierstein on the Rhine can make seductive red wines as well as palate earwig white wines, which sound different depending on the grape variety, but always hit just the right good mood tone.

weingut st antony rheinhessen
© Weingut St. Antony

The estate has been in existence since 1955 and goes back to an old limestone pit, which was dedicated to the patron saint St. Antony. Today, the renowned winemaker Dirk Würtz and his team manage the winery, which has long since achieved VDP status and has received numerous awards. The perfect geological conditions of the Roter Hang, the ethical principles of the winemakers and their biodynamic approach make St. Antony one of the best German producers of quality wines.

gentlemens journey st antony orbel riesling gg

Finely knitted, cozy but everything with a relaxed touch: the Riesling Orbel GG from the St Antony vineyard.

The Riesling Orbel of the red slate is less 2.30 min current chart number but more Pink Floyd classic or after hours of The Weeknd. Take your time, let it soak in, smell, sip, drink, let it come and everything again from the beginning. No alpha-animal wine in the glass, but smartly thought-out finesse. The Riesling reminds me a bit of Tim Mälzer improvising again at Kitchen Impossible and making a papaya-banana toast. It’s simply delicious, and after the third or fourth bite you still discover something new. For me a great soundtrack for father-son moments or to toast long friendships.

Orbel Riesling GG, Weingut St Antony, Preis: Price: 20 Euro, via

Secret wine tip 6:

Brunello di Montalcino, Tenute Silvio Nardi (Italien)

In the wooded north of the municipality of Montalcino lies the historic Silvio Nardi winery. In 1950 Silvio, father of the current owners, bought the Tenuta di Casale del Bosco estate more out of passion than for the purpose of earning a living. Nowadays, the family’s property in the Montalcino area is divided not only between the heart of the estate but also between two estates in Manachiara and Colombaiole, located in the eastern part of the growing area. The Silvio Nardi winery was one of the founders of the Consortium of Brunello di Montalcino in 1967. The 80 hectares of vineyards, situated on the eastern and western slopes of the Montalcino hill at altitudes between 140 and 480 meters above sea level, are mainly planted with the Sangiovese grape variety. But also traditional plants such as Colorino or the international grape varieties Merlot, Syrah and Petit Verdot can be found there. The soils of the areas used for vine cultivation are usually made of clay with sandy and muddy deposits. The terraces near Casale del Bosco are characterized by shallow but fresh skeletal soils that extend to the quartz variety jasper. In the Manachiara area the soil is composed of clay and silty marl with calcareous and sandy deposits rich in quartz.

Since 1990, Emilia Nardi (on the right), Silvio’s youngest daughter, has been managing the company. Together with her brothers, she decided to make radical changes. Emilia initiated a transformation process for both the vineyards and the wine cellar. She also decided to combine tradition with scientific research. And I think anyone who likes Italian wines and likes to go on a wine discovery tour should try a bottle of Tenute Silvio Nardi by 2021 at the latest.

tenute silvio nardi brunello gentlemens journey

Flowing so classy through the glass in an entertaining way, one would like to make a drinking fountain from the Brunello di Montalcino of Tenute Silvio Nardi.

Anyone who tries Brunello di Montalcino from the famous Tenuta Silvio Nardi will quickly notice: Wow, that’s fruit salad with dress code. For beginners, Brunello di Montalcino is already at the upper limit here at over 20 euros, but a great investment for an evening together, literally the best conversation piece. Aged in oak barrels, this is where wild berries flirt with vanilla before the big spice shaker goes over it. Elegant but approachable and as lastingly impressive as the first eye contact with the future love.

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG, Tenute Silvio Nardi, Price: 30 Euro, via über

das weinheim münchen weinkaufsliste gentlemens journey

Secret wine tip 7:

Brolio, Weingut Ricasoli (Italien)

With Chianti Classico from the supermarket, Ricasoli has as much to offer as spaghetti carbonara with a calorie-free diet. But that’s good! The first document about Castello di Brolio dates back to 1141 and since then the Ricasoli family has been a protagonist in the history and wine culture of Tuscany and their name is indisputably synonymous with Chianti Classico – the truly elegant, good fruit salad. And it is cultivated in many different ways: The 240 hectares of vineyards at altitudes between 220 and 500 meters above sea level have 19 different types of soil and underline the potential of Sangiovese, the main grape variety of the territory. What comes in your glasses is as balanced and elegant as a brilliant parade by Gianluigi Buffon. And he can still do that at over 40. The grapes for the vintage wine Brolio, which I would like to introduce to you, come from our own vineyards 280 – 480 meters above sea level.

ricasoli brolio rotwein italien gentlemens journey

Cozy, classy, temperamentvoll, always full of style: the Brolio Chianti Clasicco DOCG.

Francesco Ricasoli brolio wine wein

Francesco Ricasoli, the president of the winery. The style glass here is always at least half full.

Let this finely cut red wine take a short breath before the pinch. The Ricasoli Brolio (Sangiovese 80%, Merlot 15%, Cabernet Sauvignon 5%) is first of all elegantly Italian, with no dust, but then scores with this talent, not only to make glasses smile. With every drinking move, the glass journey goes deeper into Tuscany, far away from mainstream tourism, one tastes the signature of the traditional winery. Add to this the nine-month maturing in tonneaux. Nevertheless, the Brolio is never overwhelming, but always allows this certain portion of lightness to resonate. This is exactly why it is a great wine of character, so that even beginners can dive a little further into the fascination of Italian wines – and at an extremely fair price.

Brolio Chianti Classico, Weingut Brolio, Price: 14 Euro, via

Secret wine tip 8:

Puro, Weingut Dieter Meier (Argentinien)

True to the motto: “Please wine for me Argentina!” a wine from the Andes must be included on the list of insider tips to be tasted in 2021. And when I think of Argentina for wine beginners and advanced wine lovers, I immediately think of Dieter Meier and a Puro wine. The Puro wine line belongs to the Swiss winemaker, artist, musician and cattle farm owner Dieter Meier, who has been living and working in Argentina since the 1990s. Cool station wagon, right? He has fallen in love with the Alto Agrelo wine region, which is one of the best in the country. Meier produces high quality wines in Mendoza according to strict ecological and biological criteria. The red Puro wines consist mainly of Malbec grapes and are only produced on a fairly small scale, which makes them all the more sought-after. Also because they have a real flavor and in the best sense are great conversation pieces.

dieter meier puro malbec
© Weingut Dieter Meier

dieter meier puro malbec 2019 gentlemens journey

Unagitatedly elegant: The fine and cheeky Puro from Argentina.

The Malbec vines for Dieter Meiers Puro grow in the high altitude vineyards of Luján de Cuyo. The greatest advantage of this altitude is the cool nights, which ensure slow, optimal ripening. The dry, fruity and soft Malbec is a bit like an Argentine polo horse with a cuddly need: powerful and at the same time pleasantly accessible. The really intense fragrance reminds me of balmy nights in a chalet on a mountain, and from somewhere a cloud with a barbecue smell wafts over, where apparently cherry wood is used for smoking. The wine secret tip tastes beautifully crispy like chocolate-cherry-plum, garnished with a goal shot of spiciness, but everything in flowing movement. This super smooth, smooth spice is like a bed on which the fruit notes roll back and forth. In such a fine way that it is really lastingly impressive. Nothing weighs heavy here, except to notice that the bottle is empty and no one else in the stable. But you can plan tactically, right?

Weingut Dieter Meier, Puro Malbec, Price: 14 Euro, via

Secret wine tip 9:

Wolfgang Bender x VinVenture, der Held (Germany)

The wine here is a (still) special insider tip, because I find the story behind it so unbelievable – sorry – cool. Wine fans who have tasted enough of Chateaux xy or don’t feel like anonymous pile-ups from the supermarket should take a closer look at the project VinVenture. I got to know it through a tip from my Vino-Insider Steven and I was immediately shocked. Because VinVenture is a crowd-financed wine adventure and a kind of casting show for young, wild winemakers who are then brought together with wine enthusiasts. Germany’s next super winemaker, so to speak. A team of experts consisting of business professionals, wine journalists, communication designers and oenologists will then help to make the dreams come true. One of these young savages who wants to pour character and fun into the glass with every bottling is Wolfgang Bender from Bissersheim in the Pfalz.

vinventure wolfgang bender der held gentlemens journey

World of Winecraft – or Wolfgang’s wines with wow-effect: take your pick, in the end every wine translation into a glass is delicious.

His motto: estate wine, local wine, site wine – why get caught up in classifications? People simply want delicious wine and they get it. That’s what I sign and celebrate – but Wolfgang’s way to become a vine-mood animator was already a challenge. Before his father handed over the estate, he actually wanted to study in Geisenheim. Then the estate was on the verge of insolvency, father and son had different views, Wolfgang broke off his studies and went to Afghanistan as a mountain hunter. Unexpectedly, his mother calls him: “The father has become a nursing case and can no longer manage the winery. From a distance Wolfgang organizes the vineyard work, fights against bureaucracy, runs the winery – although he never learned how. Wolfgang teaches himself everything. Sometimes he stays awake for 60 hours at a stretch to supervise the fermentation. At the time of the takeover, the estate had 30 grape varieties on 13 hectares, the only way to work with cuvées – and Wolfgang’s “Lavinia” saved the estate. Through crowdfunding, he later raised money and was able to afford new machines and tractors. This passion for wine is in every fruit salad, and she tastes it in “Der Held”, a Pinot Gris from the VinVenture Adventure Wines series. It stands for new techniques, varieties, concepts and fresh trends – in short: exciting new wines.

vinventure wolfgang bender der held gentlemens journey

I like: All wines of the VinVenture series have a double label that introduces you to the personality behind them.

The Held owes its name to the location where the Pinot Gris is grown, namely Bissersheimer Held. At the top it has fertile loess-loamy soil, in the depths red sandstone. Everyone has to find out for themselves whether the wine has superpowers. I think the ability to make people grin is certainly one. The hero is aged partly in wood, partly in stainless steel, and then Wolfgang granted him a long yeast storage. I think that this young and wild is often overused, but in the case of Wolfgang’s “The Hero” it really applies. From the very first smell you notice: Oh, okay, somehow cheeky, unconventional, courageous and everything but one-dimensional. The Pinot Gris is white wine between “The Hobbit” and “John Wick”, pear dances with pineapple, a short exchange of shots with apple and quince, then a mineral ring on the finger and lots of fun. Entertained me in a deliciously rousing and entertaining way. And spoilers: The shouts for a sequel get really loud.

Wolfgang Bender x VinVenture, der Held, Price: around 15 Euro, via

gentlemens journey david klenert online weinprobe

Secret wine tip 10:

Silvaner Trocken, Weingut Martina Bernhard (Germany)

From the dear Martina Bernhard I have already presented the Wolfsheimer Silvaner, a site wine. The Silvaner Trocken is one of the classics of the house and, in contrast, a local wine. This means that the local wine is produced from grapes that do not come from a specific site alone, but from the same place and are traditionally grown there. The daughter-father team uses modern technology for this, but technological progress or not: the Bernhard family is keen to promote biodiversity in the vineyard. Only in this way can healthy grapes ripen for impressive wines, each of which has its own story to tell thanks to the subsoil. In viticulture, being down to earth is definitely a doubly good compliment. I think so.

martina bernhard weingut rheinhessen silvaner trocken
© Ines Barwig

Martina doesn’t see being a woman in the vineyard – or at the grapevine mixer – as something special. There are a number of strong, self-confident young female winemakers who mix talent and passion. And if there’s anything special to talk about, it’s the wine. It is – typically – just as charmingly casual and fun as the fruit salad DJ from Rheinhessen.

martina bernhard weingut rheinhessen silvaner trocken

Anything but petty: the fun Silvaner by Martina Bernhard.

Like the Wolfsheimer Silvaner, the Silvaner Trocken is like a best friend (or girlfriend) who is always there, always puts a smile on your face, is uncomplicated but attentive to the point, and of whom I would like to have a flat rate in my home wine glass by spring at the latest. Why? The classic among the Rhine-Hessian white wine grape varieties reveals its relaxed, animating character here. A very fine fruit, you close your eyes, feel briefly beamed to an island in the Rhine, where herbs, gooseberry and pear dance around a small campfire. Delicate but not shy, elegant but not overbearing. Simply down-to-earth sexy, and that from the heart.

Silvaner trocken, Weingut Martina Bernhard, Price: 10 Euro, order via Weingut (per Mail)

Secret wine tip 11:

Le Cupole 2018, Tenuta di Trinoro (Tuscany, Italy)                   

You know the saying about building a house, planting a tree, etc.? Red wine fans (and fans of Italian wines in general) should add one more item to the list of things they should have done in their lives: try a wine from the Tenuta di Trinoro winery. Subjunctive because: The wines, made according to the Burgundy model, not only taste like a tailor-made suit, but are also produced in a small edition and have a corresponding price tag.

Tenuta di Trinoro Andrea Franchetti gentlemens journey

Composes vine beats to impressive Tuscan soundtrack: Andrea Franchetti of Tenuta di Trinoro.

Fortunately, the winery of mastermind and wine DJ Andrea Franchetti also has a small entry-level edition for advanced drinkers on offer. The cuvée Le Cupole from Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot is, like its big siblings, not a wine for every day, but a holiday for scent and taste hunters. For the wine, you should call together all those who share your wine quirk, and discover that together. Because you can quickly guess how only the signature wine of the house tastes, if that is the little brother.

tenuta di trinoro le cupole 2018 rotwein gentlemens journey

Prime example of a red wine emotional experience: the Le Cupole of Tenuta di Trinoro.

Tasting a Trinoro wine is reason enough for a toast alone. And afterwards, with a glass in hand, it’s wonderful to talk about. First aged in French oak barrels and then for about 11 months in cement tanks, Le Cupole smells of fireplace and sunbeams at the same time. It gallops velvety easy over the tongue into the heart. Important: Give it time. The longer the red wine from Tuscany rocks in the mouth, the more aromas say hello. Black cherries, olives, spices. Here Drake meets Led Zeppelin, the thing is a real aroma ear worm that you want to indulge on repeat.

Tenuta di Trinoro, Le Cupole 2018, Price around 30 Euro, via                  

Secret wine tip 12:

“Passobianco” Terre Siciliane 2018 IGT, Weingut Passopisciaro, (Italy)

Although he comes from Tuscany – trained as an oenologist and agronomist in Bordeaux – and already owns the famous Tenuta di Trinoro winery in Maremma (I’ve already introduced you to it here), Andrea Franchetti, a former actor, restaurateur and wine importer from Rome, is one of the pioneers of the winegrowing revival on Etna. Just a guy who is on fire for what he loves. At high altitude, the energetic all-rounder launched another winery on the northern slope of the Sicilian volcano after extensive experiments in 2000, which he simply named after the surrounding municipality of Passopisciaro.

Passopisciaro Andrea Franchetti
© Passopisciaro

Since its inception, Andrea Franchetti exploits the potential of the vineyards, originally fallow, very old and in need of special care, some of which are terraced. A very large temperature gradient between day and night, in addition to the mineral-rich subsoil consisting of lava and ash residues, give the wines of Passopisciaro their particularity. It’s kind of like a successful seasoned fashion designer opening a second label. The signature and quality is the same, but he uses different sewing machines, different yarns, different fabrics and different temperatures for the high-end artisan products.

passobianco white wine italy

Herb garden meets poolside day: Passobianco is dolce vita with summer suit dress code.

And what awaits you in the glass now? Let’s put it this way: You become ripe for the island. The Chardonnay was aged for 12 months in cement tanks and oak barrels, which results in the wine clinging to the tongue like a distinguished silk shirt from Italian manufacture. Solid, but cultivated-casual. The Passobianco’s shirt is woven of peach blossom, tangerine, pineapple, bright berries, mineral notes, macadamia and banana. Lush, with a fine creamy texture, tickles ever so slightly left and right – you feel as if you are simply floating in the pool under sun rays, and everything else around becomes more and more blurred. As a beginner, take a little time and get involved, then the white wine remains long in memory.

“Passobianco” Terre Siciliane IGT 2018, Passopisciaro, Price: 25 Euro, via

weinkaufsliste weingut diehl thomas diehl

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