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gentlemens journey lifestyle blog outfit of the day

Fashion and texting? What do they have in common? Quite a few things. What we write and wear says a lot about us. Above all, words and clothes give us the opportunity to express our personality to the outside world. Everyone with a different style, sure, but it all sounds good, right?

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Fashion and texting aren’t really that different. There are rules for both, but it only gets exciting when they are broken. There’s capitalization and lower case, like large and fine patterns. Long sentences, short sentences, wide and narrow cuts. Sometimes it’s elegantly knitted, sometimes direct vibes from the street. You can get to the heart of things, stay true to your line, sharpen contours of figures, can seem petty and yet be a model, change course and distinguish between black and white. Even if one sits down sometimes on all four letters. Before the picture analysis here my former German teacher would probably take off the hat, I rather leave it on.

gentlemens journey lifestyle blog outfit of the day

Stairway to word fame. Four letters are enough for the title image.

Guardian of the choice of words

Hats are accessories like a comma or colon in the right place, they emphasize your (attracting) message like an exclamation mark. And your vocabulary is your closet. Everything in it can be played with. And the best thing is: both are open, capable of learning and always ready to take in something new. So you can add to existing things, rearrange them, express things, moods, opinions, feelings in a whole new way. You can formulate them in a more mature way, adapt your style as you grow up. Become calmer, more relaxed, but also more purposeful, more pointed.

Humor is a good keyword. As with written humor or irony, you don’t always understand those in outfits at first glance. But not taking yourself too seriously is an important quality. There are spelling mistakes that the style police would criticize, but they don’t change the message, honesty or message of the text at all. The grammatical errors of fashion are their fashion sins, and please: everyone makes them. Everyone has made them. But I think: You don’t have to regret anything. You just felt it at that moment, learn from it, feel differently years later, look at the pictures, laugh about it, and that’s it. You could probably write and fill entire novels about the development of your own fashion taste.

gentlemens journey lifestyle blog outfit of the day

I have become very fond of hats as an accessory. A relationship on a new level.

gentlemens journey lifestyle blog outfit of the day

How do you spell pocket square? With etiquette.

Make it your announcement only

My advice: don’t let people who never had the courage to try something out and leave their comfort zone when it comes to wardrobe text you disparagingly. The fun of fashion is exactly that: to fill those white spaces with life, to write down your own style soundtrack. And, as is common in fashion, rewinding the old classics after 20 years.

gentlemens journey lifestyle blog outfit of the day

No characters, but an attractive pattern – that’s why I love the short sleeve shirt so much.

When I write texts like this one, it usually happens with a flash of inspiration in my head, which gives me a kind of cue from which I start writing, and then I get into a flow relatively quickly. It’s the same way most of the time when it comes to choosing an outfit. I have a piece in mind, usually a pair of shoes or a certain pair of pants, and build the rest of the look from there, depending on mood, temperature, occasion, and mood. It’s like reading. Sometimes you’re in the mood for deepe, multi-layered novels, sometimes for a casual, crisp travel tip or a drink recipe.

Whether it is a coincidence that I, as a passionate word player, just in the spring / summer like to wear print shirts? May be a reason, in the end, they are simply casual, comfortable and the only pressure that comes from them is already on it. Fine thing. So: continue to take a relaxed approach to outfit selection and reading, and it will always be a bestseller.

gentlemens journey lifestyle blog outfit of the day

What you can read out of the look? That is your mission now.


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