Vinum Hotels: how the hotel association guarantees a comprehensive wine experience vintage after vintage

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The family-run Vinum Hotels in the South Tyrolean wine-growing areas are personally managed by wine connoisseurs and, in some cases, winemakers. Here, wellness and nature indulgance meet guaranteed wine experience. But how is it ensured that the knowledge and advice about wine are always at the same wine-inviting level – even among the new generation? I asked and got a big glass of answers.


What makes a cool hotel? Design, location, furnishings – yes, it’s all there. For me, it’s that special mix of not wanting to leave and wanting to come back quickly. This is achieved through a charming combination of the above factors, but to a large extent also through the people behind the hotel name. The team that ensures that the stay is as relaxing as it is exciting. Personalities with endearing corners, edges and hosts who have truly found their calling in their profession. With my criteria, I quickly landed at VINUM HOTELS. This is an association of 29 hotels, all of which are located in one of the seven South Tyrolean wine-growing regions. And all members share my wine quirk. Translated: The hotels focus on fruit salad enjoyment. Each Vinum Hotel Südtirol is very personally managed by passionate wine connoisseurs, and some even have their own in-house winery at the start. So you sit at the source of good humor, can enjoy wine accompaniments, wine seminars, cellar tours or vineyard tours, get advice on pouring and in addition start with the best views of the mountains or simply switch off.

I have already been able to check into three Vinum Hotels and experience for myself how close wine, wellness and cuisine are to each other. You can find the links to the blog articles about the stay here.

Gentlemens Journey @ Vinum Hotels

vinum hotel matillhof latsch südtirol gentlemens journey

How cool can a dinner be? At Mein Matillhof, we were allowed to eat with the host in the wine cellar – and taste a wine or two. That remains in the memory.

hotel plattenhof tramin südtirol vinum hotel vinum hotels gentlemens journey

Vinum Hotel Plattenhof hosted the first date with Gewürztraminer for me – and not the last.

Vinum Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof Meran Südtirol

The wine list at Plantitscherhof is as extensive as a Lord of the Rings novel – and an equally exciting adventure.

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Christoph Mahlknecht of Vinum Hotels told me in detail how knowledge and passion for wine are cultivated in the hotels and how the new generation of staff and sommeliers in particular are trained so that the guest always finds the same warm and advisory wine load.

Is the host a winemaker himself, and the son/daughter takes over the winery?

There are several realities for this. In the case of hotels with their own winery, we have had the case that the younger generation has very well taken over the winery of their parents. This occurred, for example, at Vinum Hotel & Weingut Klosterhof, where Hannes took over the winery of his father Oskar. At Vinum Hotels without a winery, the passion and passion for wine is also very often passed on to the next generation. For this, the host must be a certified sommelier. Here too we find examples where the next generation has also graduated sommelier. Like in the Hotel Saltus or Muchele. Unfortunately, it also happens that in some hotels the next generation can no longer identify so well with the subject of wine and thus when a hotel is taken over, a new positioning is sought, thus the hotel is removed from the group. But this phenomenon also applies the other way around, where a new generation brings fresh wine into the hotel and thus are newly accepted into the group, as for example in the Hotel Matillhof.

How are the new sommeliers trained, what do they look for?

In Italy there are 3 courses to become a sommelier. Once all 3 courses are completed and you pass the state exam, you can call yourself a sommelier. For this, one must also be a member of the Italian Sommelier Association AIS.

vinum hotels Feldthurnerhof

At the Feldthurnerhof there is a suitable vine dress code for every occasion.

vinum hotels seeleiten

Questions about culinary wine matches like here at Hotel Seeleiten? Just ask them, please. After all, that’s what Vinum Hotels is all about.

vinum hotels seeleiten

Frontrow instead of long-distance glass: Closer to the wine as in Vinum Hotels – here the Hotel Seeleiten – hardly possible.

Is there special training for the staff as well? 

Every employee in the service must have further training on the subject of wine. This further training is organized by Vinum Hotels. The instructor comes directly to the respective hotel and goes through the following topics with the employees: Wine country South Tyrol (history, locations/varieties and autochthonous grape varieties), wine service in front of the guest, wine sales, contents of the own wine list in the house, basics of food wine adaptation.

How do the hosts pass on their fascination with wine to the new trainees?

Hosts are always tasting new wines with employees. Employees have the opportunity to go on vacation at all Vinum Hotels with a 50% discount. Each employee excursion also includes a visit to a winery or vineyard.

What is the fascination of wine for the trainees and employees?

Wine is not only a lifestyle drink. Wine is culture and agricultural product, with a great tradition. In a bottle of wine is for a farmer and producer more than a whole year of work. This succeeds only with passion and passion. Wine is a product that remains exciting, that changes – no matter in the glass, where you drink it, which vintage you open or from which glass you enjoy it, yes also to which food you serve it. Moreover, there is no better means of connecting people, because wine brings people together. So if that’s not fascinating, then I don’t know….

Keyword work meets pleasure: What were some particularly enjoyable wine-related experiences for you around Vinum Hotels?

Personally, I have had many wine experiences, but the most impressive are these:


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