Do I always have to be productive?

Do I always have to be productive?

In quarantine, more and more people are transforming themselves into self-optimus prime on social media. Despite a lot of downtime, life is great and, above all, efficient, all productive. Everything is documented. But: How much do you really live? 

To get as much as possible out of his time: I wanted to write a text on this topic even before Corona. But right now there is no way around this productivity trend. Whether Facebook or Instagram: Everywhere you can find the most creative ways (or challenges or 24/7 documentaries) to communicate that you have to be productive, use your newfound time (read: special times for me), reflect and, in the best case, self-optimize in a generally overhauled way. And with more screen time on your smartphone or tablet, you run the real risk of being dragged along by the wave.

gentlemens journey meinung selbstoptimierung

Only – a stupid question: Which new time exactly? It’s not like I’m chilling out at home free from obligations and thinking about how to spend my free time as sexy as possible on 30 square meters.

Self-optimization or: Free times change you

During the week I sit in front of the computer until 7 and work as usual. Not that I was any good at math, but when I do the math all week long, I don’t have a single hour more available than in the good old days before this pandemic. That might be possible if I digitize Duckfaces full-time, use Fame for the actual work of photographers and throw product codes around the club. If I have more time now, it will be on the weekend. And that brings us to the point: People expect me to really unwind the program. In the past, the office (read also: the coolest office accessories) sometimes gave me questioning looks, because I didn’t take a bike tour all the way to Tyrol or renovate the apartment.

gentlemens journey meinung selbstoptimierung
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Social creation measure

Now the impression is suggested to me that I would have to rearrange my apartment, quickly order a round of new furniture and visibly decorate my new self, should definitely get up early in the morning and start my sports routine, which I can only survive with 4 shakes a day and if I don’t have a smoothie mixer at home, I’ve been living the wrong life anyway. I can use stairs and water boxes as dumbbells and in between I can reset my head, play the right mindset and bang, luck will come by itself.

gentlemens journey meinung selbstoptimierung

Only: Am I not allowed to do anything? It’s completely impudent to relax at the weekend. Sleep a little longer, put the cell phone aside, don’t document how I look when I get up?

Just don’t let a program run through? Oh yes: Because I simply do it. Of course I’m missing something I can post, but I want to live simply for once. And that goes badly, if I livestream my day with my cell phone in my hand.

Don’t bother me, productive: a heart for the pause button

And no, I think I don’t have to have a guilty conscience when I allow Body & Soul a few do nothing moments. It’s even justified, because especially in these times, besides the daily work hustle and bustle, one still spends energy to acclimatize to the new conditions. There are people out there whose smallest problem is whether they do a few fitness exercises today or tomorrow. They don’t want a new mindset or reduced beauty teas, they don’t itch either – they just want to wake up with their favorite person in the future, no matter where they are.

gentlemens journey meinung selbstoptimierung

Important: Always keep an eye on yourself.

Trend sport: walk your own way

Trend productive or not: I decided long ago that I’m not here to please everyone. “The others do it too, after all …” was already a shitty argument in kindergarten. For me, pursuing a model efficient life is not something that is good for me. And I take the freedom to stop running along. It may sound lazy, but at least it is not a lazy compromise.


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