Sale, but not yourself – reduced fashion

Sale, but not yourself – reduced fashion

Good outfits don’t have to be expensive. Looks are all about having fun and expressing your personality. This also works with fashion from the sale – here are 7 reduced looks from reduced clothing.

Five euros in the phrase bank, but: Style has nothing to do with big bucks. You can wrap yourself in fat, expensive logos, sure. But what happens? You’re dressed up because the clothes wear you, not the other way around. And we’re out of the age of defining ourselves by fat brands or compensating for our self-esteem. I like fashion because it allows you to express your character and personality – but you can also do that on a budget. In the end, it’s all about feeling good, because those are the best clothes: the ones that become priceless because you can be yourself in them. Therefore, here are a few easy Looks of the Day from fashion from the sale, with which I like to be on the road.

Look 1: Coat-Boot-Camp

arosea life balance hotel ultental gentlemens journey

Bathing pond carpet.

The combination I have just in the fall-winter-spring transition really often worn. Pants or sweater have changed one or the other time, but the principle is the same: The classic camel hair coat together with dark pants, the black DocMartens and a light top underneath. The eggshell-colored turtleneck sweater with black trim on the collar and sleeves gets along with this just as well as the white polo shirt with a bordeaux-red zip stand-up collar. Whether with a hat or without then depends on the mood of the day, but it’s always a match. Both looks are except for the shoes completely from fashion from the sale of ASOS and cost together less than 100 euros. By the way, the picture was taken in the Arosea Life Balance Hotel.

Vinum Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof Meran Südtirol

If you have to take the hat as a bouncer. But that was not because of the look.

The picture was taken in the Vinum Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof, you can read the report on the stay here.

Look 2: Raunchy Animalprint

Vinum Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof Meran Südtirol penthousesuite

Dresscode: Penthouse pool guide.

Of course, the animal print feels comfortable at the watering hole here, but dry pitches also work great – you just have to dare. For. me, the printed shirt was an instant crush and for not even 20 euros, a you-can-just-win affair. The thin, silky fabric falls quite relaxed, without losing contour and spreads lightly rolled real summer vibes. For dinner at the South Tyrolean Vinum Hotel Ansitz Plantischerhof I opted for the combo with navy blue jacket from Tiger of Sweden and trousers from Zara, plus a blue pocket square, glasses for 9 euros and loafers, also around 20 euros, all from Asos. I like it because it’s elegant without being too much, you just feel comfortable – and with the bold patterned shirt can add a nice touch of character.

gentlemens journey look of the day sale mode

In the otherwise monochromatic look, the print shirt is the main character

gentlemens journey look of the day sale mode

Roof terrace, dinner, drinks – everything is easy.

Yes: I could have gotten used to dancing across the roof terrace of the penthouse suite in this look, sometime exchanged for a bathing suit, of course. The pictures were also taken at the Vinum Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof, you can read the report on the stay here.

Look 3: Jeans pattern

gentlemens journey look of the day sale mode

Can be unpacked more often: jeans meets pattern shirt.

I like modified onion looks, with which you are flexible. In combination with the denim jacket, you can wear the short-sleeved shirt with geometric print so much more often. Both together I have committed for not even 30 euros via Asos. I like the gradient on the jacket, which supports my popular Black&White look, resumes the color combo of the shirt and of course gets along really well with the black and white Vans and also white socks. With the pocket square as well as the watch I pick up the color of the shirt and pants – small details like that are especially fun. There is no rule, just let off steam and feel good. The picture was taken at the Arosea Life Balance Hotel.

Look 4: Black & Yellow

gentlemens journey look of the day sale mode

Just fun: yellow and dark blue are always a good view.

gentlemens journey look of the day sale mode

Simple rule of the game: two pattern sizes, in between stand-up collar and details like the pocket square.

Again denim jacket, but this time with tartan pattern and: in yellow. The jacket, also from Asos, shows me: fashion from the sale can be affordable but individual. With the color combination it is cool for the summer, but also goes casually with turtleneck underneath in spring and fall. Here I took the tartan pattern with the fabric pants, also from Asos, because it comes from the weighting relatively equal. A dotted pants would be too much, but a plain dark version would go of course just as easy. The short-sleeved shirt with stand-up collar is a more grown-up contrast to this, complemented with the pocket square I love, this time in silver as well as a necklace. Details show personality, and even though there’s a bit more going on with the outfit here, it has a casual balance for me. With as well as without a hat, which must now go everywhere.

Look 5: Cozy Safari

gentlemens journey look of the day sale mode

Earthy tones for a grounded look.

I also like the look because it is cross-seasonal. Knitted turtleneck in the fall`Safe. The jacket is actually a summer shirt, but just with zipper – and can be pulled so easy over a sweater. Since the ten euros from the Asos sale but easily paid off. The yellow-black pattern mix understands dazzling with dark pants, would also work great with a black turtleneck underneath. Just keep the rest of the outfit subtle and nothing can happen. How long the white boots come through winter walks unscathed, I can not guarantee. All in all, the outfit (without shoes) by waiting for the sale and some rummaging together cost just under 60 euros. Can you do already times.

Look 6: Karo Couture

gentlemens journey look of the day sale mode

Flannel shirt, jeans and denim jacket with graphic pattern – nice, cozy clothes cuvée.

gentlemens journey look of the day sale mode

Small, pure, fine: I like the addition of a pocket square.

What to wear for a visit to the vineyard? Flannel shirt and boots, that’s always fine. The black Zara jeans is anyway a companion that is always packed and of course super in the look, because boot color and shirt pattern are taken up with it. The speckled denim jacket was also a lucky find from Asos. No 20 euros – fashion from the sale can be cheap but versatile. The jacket I’ve quickly taken to heart, it is cut wide enough to cover thick shirt or turtleneck, and with pocket square it has its own finer touch. Because the pattern itself is quite small, you can wear pieces with more dominant prints to it without problems.

The pictures were taken during a visit to the Vinum Hotel Matillhof, you can read the report on the hotel here.

Look 7: camel laissez-faire

gentlemens journey look of the day sale mode

Detective or not, the look is a no-brainer for me.

gentlemens journey look of the day sale mode

Small budget, hat, courage and off for it.

The hat is not to be imagined without since the first trip to South Tyrol, previously never thought the accessory has really become one of my favorites. This also applies to the coat, which makes one on rosé wine and just always goes. With black turtleneck (10 euros via Asos), this look is clean and classy in black and beige, but gets a detailed nuance through the dark pants with gray tartan pattern. The pants are cut rather casually, taking away the severity of the turtleneck and the boots break up the outfit a bit. Elegant, but really super comfortable, from fall to spring.


Fashion from the sale is not a bit worse than thick logos. If you enjoy fashion and want to let your personality flow through details, patterns or accessories, you will find a really exciting playing field in the sale areas with great price/performance transfers for the closet team. Maybe there was also one or the other inspiration for you!


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