My apartment, my job – my character?

My apartment, my job – my character?

Am I worth less or presentable as a person because I don’t live in the hip district or don’t have a promotion flat rate? Is my character worse because it can’t spread over 3 rooms, kitchen, bathroom? But so much of no! personality is at home in other things.

“And where do you live”? “Milbertshofen.” “Why that?

Currently, one has more time to deal with oneself or topics that one has perhaps always wanted to do. One of them is a reaction to a reaction that in meanwhile more than 8 years of dating, getting to know each other and small talk in Munich has somehow developed into a running gag. Only that I still look for the punch line with a magnifying glass.

The question where I live usually comes three seconds before or after the question what exactly you are looking for. Usually already at that time after the first text messages, then I don’t feel like it anymore. And the answer to my answer is almost always the same question. Why do you live in Milbertshofen?

“Hey spoiled sponsored bitch, I have to see what I can afford” you might say, call or scratch into your Fitvia teapot. But then you don’t do that. Or rarely. A brief classification for outsiders: If the district were a Bundesliga club, it would not be one that would be playing for the top places in the near future – but never really in danger of being relegated.

gentlemens journey meinung wohnort

All I hear is bla. bla, bla … Sometimes you just want to give it a name like the Turtleneck and pull your head under the tank. Or just listen to good music.

Risk Place of residence or: all Hood, Girl?

I admit: I have sometimes thought of preparing myself, of shooting an essay on cue, no, a rapped or pre-listened hymn to my Hood, my place of residence. Cultural-historical analysis, Excel lists with pre-move research. But let’s be honest: It’s not like at Hogwarts, where I put on a baseball cap and then get arrested in a Munich neighborhood that stands for my personality. Above all: What exactly would my opposite number have to gain from it? Can you keep up with your friends better in Girls Talk? Is there otherwise a danger of shame instead of a charm offensive? Or is it simply the status I was given at birth, the person would sink in like a vampire in sunlight and I don’t immediately check that when I write or meet him? Questions over questions.

In cities today you are happy if you can find an affordable apartment at all. And halfway central. And affordable is literally the key word here.

Are you still living or do you prefer status symbols?

I don’t afford anything to show off while I spend weeks feeding noodles with stretched sauce in the back. I do not live for others, I live where I live to have a place where I feel at home. I had this home-away-from-home feeling when I visited apartment number three. And I still have it today. Everything important is nearby, quiet, and everything else important can be reached super fast.

gentlemens journey meinung wohnort
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Speaking of important. Apparently, however, some priorities are different. On social media, every apartment looks like something out of a catalog. But let’s stop with the kindergarten: A character is not worse if he can’t spread out over 3 rooms, kitchen, bathroom and a fat balcony. You can have personality in the smallest room, even if it is only your head. To think I have less humor, am less trustworthy, would be less suitable for a relationship or wouldn’t be there for my family is thinking on the level of people who believe in flat earth, think they are super talented and think that because of 100.000 digital followers the world should revolve around them. That’s just freaking me out.

gentlemens journey meinung wohnort

Spoons in jacket pockets become safe times trend. Not a trend: to place oneself above others, to judge by things or the place of residence to which they have no connection at all.

What is this text please?

Same example job – not quite as hard, but it happens. People often ask whether they need to earn money. Tz. Please go and annoy somewhere else. I prefer a job with a great team, to which I can go motivated every day (or in exceptional times I can do it just as motivated from wherever I am), to a tough paid job, where I don’t exist as a private person or private life anymore.

And sorry if anyone really had the faint hope of reading a lyrical tribute to Milbertshofen here. That would not be a suitable character trait. It is not a quarter that puts itself in the center. But it is always there for you when you need something. And if it just makes you laugh for a moment. From there: I live there already very appropriately.


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