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Beware of Gentlemen’s Journey: this blog may contain traces of wordplay, inspiration, irony and opinion.

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Gentlemen’s Journey – why? Just do it by myself. For more than five years I was allowed to write about everything that could be labeled lifestyle for the magazine GQ. And now, without a magazine and logo in the background? Another new lifestyle blog for men? Nope. My blog. My thoughts. My travel experiences. My taste experiences. My Gentlemen’s Journey. Only: without mask. In short: all the beautiful things that make up my mission to be a man for me. And which I would like to share. Because I cannot and do not want to do without writing on the next stages. Once you have found your dream job, you can understand what I mean.

Lifestyle blog? No. A Gentlemen’s Journey 

Gentlemen's Journey
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What interests me? And what I want to write about? Easy. Wines that are a lot of fun for little money, hotels for more than one night, people who are responsible for what goes into my closet and happens to my hair and beard, I would bet on sneakers too, on the subject of dating I can (involuntarily) fill novels anyway, according to friends, and – yes, the journey is just beginning.

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Lifestyle blog with attitude

Credo: Experience everything yourself, try everything yourself, put everything together yourself. Not to celebrate me or to list what one has been spoiled with. I would like to try to inspire you with what has inspired me. Not as an influencer, but as a curiosity maker.

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Why Drink.Stay.Love?

I love good wine, whisky and Co. I love tasting. Discovering new things, learning, sharing. Brewer’s son, guilty. Good design just flashes me, and I can spend hours looking at hotels, stadium designs or houses. Interior designer’s son, guilty. I’m responsible for the soccer, football, sneaker, barber and wordplay crap myself. So: Sorry, not sorry.

gentlemen's journey
gentlemen’s journey

Lifestyle blog Gentlemens Journey: Possible cooperations

Would you like to accompany the Gentlemen’s Journey a little, to become part of the journey? I am happy about every new exciting story that I can tell on my lifestyle blog with attitude. Interested in a mediakit? On request I will be happy to send you the PDF with further information about the blog.

Photographer wanted!

If you have any questions, ideas or criticism (I think you should ask yourself as a man) about Gentlemen’s Journey, feel free to ask! Drop me a mail @ contact@gentlemens-journey.de

Wer Fragen, Ideen oder Kritik (sollte man sich als Mann stellen finde ich) zu Gentlemen’s Journey hat, gerne loswerden! Drop me a Mail @ contact@gentlemens-journey.de

Cheers, Markus

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