Smells like Summer

Smells like Summer

Pool vibes in the bottle: 3 fragrances that put you in a summer mood. Or short: summer perfume from oriental night to wine picnic at the swimming lake

Why are the following three fragrances now available for summer? They are not exclusively. You can also wear them in autumn. Or winter. But I associate them with pool jumps and wine-loving Balearic evenings, because I had the three perfumes with me on my short trip to Mallorca. (I have already introduced the small finca to you here). That’s why, out of wanderlust, I’m having another little swim with three summer perfumes that always radiate a little summer travel flair for me. In a double sense.

Speedboot cruise while chillin’: Baldessarini Nautic Spirit

The Nautic Spirit always reminds me somehow of a trip on a Riva boat, beautiful wood around you, left and right the lake water splashes around your ears, but: you celebrate it. Sun is shining, calm lake, in the luggage a wine cooler with white wine. Oh yes.

sommerdüfte gentlemens journey baldessarini nautic spirit givenchy summer perfumes

A bottle like a pool – if there are no summer vibes at Baldessarini Nautic Spirit, where else?

sommerdüfte gentlemens journey baldessarini nautic spirit summer perfumes

A perfume, perfect for the time at the pool.

I wouldn’t have bought it if I was under 20, but with fresh Level 30 I find the fragrance perfectly balanced between seriousness and cheeky vibe. Just imagine a cool aroma bowl with flavors of passion fruit and mango, plus curry leaves. Ginger and cardamom, musk, patchouli and sandalwood. When I see the pictures, I want to flexx back to Mallorca at the pool immediately.

Baldessarini Nautic Spirit, Price: 55 Euro, via

Oriental Night: Givenchy Gentleman Absolute

No question: Givenchy Gentlemen Only Absolute is definitely not a lightweight. But it does carry you quite relaxed on a balmy summer evening a few countries further to Marrakech.

givenchy gentlemen only summer perfumes

A gentleman lies, remains silent and enjoys – or so. The Givenchy Gentlemen Only carries me from Mallorca to Marrakech.

Warm spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and saffron meet with incense, bergamot and vanilla. I was sitting in the hinterland of Mallorca, but the scent immediately brings back this evening with horny Spanish red wine, homemade summer salads, prawns, tapas and an equally dignified shisha by the pool. Malle is just not just Ballerman.

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Absolute, Price: 60 Euro, via

Wine picnic at the bathing lake: Baldessarini Cool Force

Baldessarini again? Yes, because this one is one of my favorite fragrances for spring & summer. Because: I immediately have the idea in my head that you have packed citrus fruits in a water spray bottle and off you go. Cool Force is already a self-confident fragrance, which nevertheless never applies too thickly. Fresh, but without taking itself too seriously.

sommerdüfte gentlemens journey baldessarini givenchy summer perfumes

The Cool Force flacon has a bit of the Star Wars stormtrooper look, but it’s really tame on the skin and can be smelled.

sommerdüfte gentlemens journey baldessarini givenchy summer perfumes

Baywatch has called, they would like to scent along.

At the touch of a button, aromas of bergamot, myrrh, cardamom, nutmeg, neroli, cedar wood and patchouli await you. From the flacon clenched in the bottle, I remember the deck chair by the pool (bathing lake is also possible), feet in the water, white wine within reach, and the cell phone on air. Jumping into the water when you want, treating yourself to the fruit salad you want, just dozing off – simply the freedom to do whatever you want.

Baldessarini Cool Force, Price: 55 Euro, via

sommerdüfte gentlemens journey baldessarini givenchy summer perfumes
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